Exploring Your Bicuriosity June 06 2016

A little about Bisexuality

Bisexuality, for some reason, seems to be slightly more complicated for people to understand that you’d think. For one, many people think it means a 50-50 split of attraction to the opposite gender and the same, which simply isn’t true. It just means that at some time or another you may be attracted to both. And, as a second point, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve had relationships with both; merely had the attraction. This is where a lot of negativity around bisexuality seems to arise. There are those in communities of all sexual identities who believe that bisexuality isn’t real; rather that the person claiming to be bisexual is either afraid to come out as gay, or that they are trying to be ‘unique’ or get attention, or they’re simply greedy.

Now, we know that bisexuality is real, but in terms of the percentage of the population is bisexual (or identify as bisexual) it is extremely hard to measure. However, you can know, if you are bisexual, you’re not alone.

Be Upfront

While you’re interacting with new people, you should be clear about your intentions, which means figuring out what they are yourself. Are you only interested in physical experimentation or more? A date, or a relationship? That can be subject to change, of course, but you need to be honest with people beforehand. Some won’t be interested in someone that’s experimenting, and some will be. Some might even think you’re using it as a line, and some might be eager to meet with you just because it would be your first time.

Just because you’re going to be going on dates with someone of the same gender doesn’t mean that it’s going to be wildly different than the dating you’ve done before; you can trust your judgement when chatting with people to know if they’re on the up and up. And don’t be tempted to act differently from how you usually would just because you and the person opposite have genitalia in common.

Phone a Friend

Everyone’s situation is different, and some people live in less tolerant places than others, but the most recent polls put over half of the American public in support of marriage equality. Still, you may feel like there’s no way any of your friends would understand, or that you shouldn’t share it with anyone unless you’re ‘sure,’ but people, especially your closest friends can surprise you. It will likely spark some questions (‘when did you know?’ ‘Are you in love with me?’) but the point is to have someone you can discuss this with, for heavy conversations, and even just sharing when you’ve met someone you like or want to laugh about a terrible date you had.


Brush Up

You’re never too old for love and exploration, but when was the last time you brushed up on correct sexual health practices? Anyone who has been out of the dating game for a while can forget about the basic practices that keep us happy and healthy. That means going and getting an STI check before you go start having sex with new people (because some STIs can remain symptomless) and using a barrier protection method during sex. That goes for guys and ladies both!


If you’re concerned about doing something wrong or not knowing what to expect, that’s part of the reason why being upfront about your inexperience helps you. As much as some people won’t be interested in you if you’re looking to experiment at an older age, there will be a ton of people who are interested in taking you under their wing, so to speak. Remember, the people that you’re meeting have also been in your shoes! Let people know it’s your first time, and any good lover will offer direction for what they enjoy.

Go With the Flow

Our sexual identities and interests can change and adapt to new experiences, so it’s possible you might end up somewhere that you didn’t expect when first set out.

If you’ve had any sort of long-held fantasy that you haven’t been able to experience before, it’s easy to build it up in your mind. The fact is, maybe once you do get a chance to fulfill it, it just might not be as life changing as you think it will be. And that’s fine! It won’t ever be exactly as you imagine it will be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it (or not enjoy it) for what it is. And hey, maybe you just won’t know until you try.