How To Spark The Love Back In A Relationship August 11 2015

We've been getting request for more relationship advice, but I think it’s a little harder to get right because everyone has a different relationship.but, here's an attempt to write this guide that will teach you how to spark the love back in a relationship. Even the best of us get weighed down and end up having cracks in our relationship, so don’t panic as long as there’s still a relationship you can fix it. And when you're back against the wall, you can always get a Play It Rich Kit to assist with bringing that spark back. Here's a few tips we think may help...

Have a date night at least once a month
Okay ladies and gentleman dating on special occasions just doesn't cut it any more. If you want to build a strong relationship that really works for both of you, you need to date at least once per month. For those with more time, once a week is even better. What does dating mean?  Well you need to do something that resembles a date. I usually settle for going for a nice dinner and then to the movies or you can have a take out food date. That way, no one has to cook and you can just go and get some movies. Have a movie night with loads of cuddles and just forget about stress. Every couple needs to have a nice night like this.

Try to delete stress at the weekends
Stress is by far the biggest relationship and sex life killer out here. So, it’s time to kill the thing that kills you. You need to start learning that stress just isn't good for your relationship. sometimes in life you wont have a choice, but as Steve Jobs once said “If you wake up more than a few times and look at yourself in the mirror and don’t want to do the day that’s ahead of you, something has to change”. You need to learn that happiness comes before anything, do what you love and keep doing it.
Focus on having sex more often 
A simple, but effective way of getting a relationship sexy again, is to just have sex more often. The more you have sex the better it will get. Most men don’t ever get time to learn great sex because we don’t have sex enough. So, if you let him have your body a few days in a row, he’ll learn what to do and you’ll start getting more confidence to ride him and get yourself off.
Both learn how to be more thoughtful with each other

It’s not a lot to ask from each other, you both need to learn to put time and effort into your relationship. If only one of you is putting in the effort then its going to create a weird balance and it just won’t work. So, sit down with your partner and go looking for ways to be thoughtful with each other, try to keep it up, you don’t just want to be nice for a week and then have it go back to the same, keep it up for at least 30 days. 

Surprise each other more often
A nice surprise can really help boost the relationship, surprise sex, surprise flowers, surprise dinner, you can do just about anything. Just surprise your partner in a great and thoughtful way.
Make an effort for each other 
Look after your body and your appearance. A lot of people stop caring after a few years in a relationship, this needs to stop. You need to dress up and look just as nice for your partner, if you don’t do this then it’s going to be hard to get them to fancy you and go wow.

Remember why you loved them and what made it so amazing in the first place.
You need to bring back some of them old memories, get your mind happy, both reminisce and think about hot it use to be, then plan to make the future a little more like it. Give it a try to you’ll see exactly what I mean.
Make yourself look incredible just for them
On date night you need to both put a lot of effort in, get ready like you’re going out, this will make the sex feel amazing, you’ll not be able to keep your hands off each other. So, try making an effort this weekend and see how far you can get with it.

We'd love to hear your date night stories and romance tips below!


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