Does Size matter? April 13 2015 8 Comments

As a self proclaimed and internet tested sex addict, I've had sex with a variety of men. And as you can imagine, the question of size comes up often. I am asked by men and women alike if size and race are related. In my experience, the largest penis was a tie between a white guy and a black guy. The white guy was slightly longer and the black guy was slightly thicker. But I don't want to focus on large penises. I want to talk about the wonders of a small penis.

I'm a woman who finds pleasure in pain and love to be stretched a little during sex. But some of the best sex I've had has been with men who don't really stretch me. Two men stand out in my mind when I think of great sex with the less endowed. One was a Mexican guy, 23, who seemed to not be able to hold his load. But he could make me not only make me cum but also make me squirt in less than a minute. He had magic hands and he knew how to use them. If asked why he was so good, he'd tell you, I have to be! There were a lot of things I liked about Ricky. He was conscious of my needs and he knew I'd reward him even more for it. And who doesn't like a guy who can get you off from one touch.

The second guy is a white guy of undetermined age. He said 32 in his Craigslist post but everyone lies about something. I'm always initially a little disappointed when I see a small penis. I look forward to the stretch and I like being bent over. And I knew, upon seeing his penis that may not work. But he worshiped my body. He loved every curve, every ounce of fat and every imperfection. He spent hours just touching me and kissing me. And of course, making me orgasm with his tongue. His touch was so soft and sensual that my entire body trembled. My body was so sensitive, that his touching me extended my orgasm. I have never felt so sexy. There's nothing better than being caressed and told how beautiful and sexy you are. He was amazing!

Not every small penis guy knows how to make up for it. If you do decide you need help in the size department, Forbidden Luxury has you covered, in the He x Him section. But giving imperfect people a chance is good. I am by no means a small woman. I'm not perfect by traditional standards. But that's where we win, by learning from our flaws and perfecting things, so that our flaws don't even matter. That's why I'll give any guy a chance and why, to me, size doesn't matter!!

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