Indulge in Self Love May 05 2015

Yea, I love porn. I love fucking, dirty kinky sex, dirty texting, dominance, submission, oral and a bit of everything on the side.

But the thing I love most is fucking myself.

Self Love beats it all.

I probably masturbate on average 3 times a day. And that’s a low average. I find myself contemplating why I have such a strong need for pleasure, but at the end of the day I realize: I love it because it makes me feel good. So why the hell not? I’m a big advocate of Pleasure Products. So much so that I’ve attempted to take all my girlfriends on a pleasure product spree. Men too, but they are a little less open minded than the ladies, believe it or not. Maybe because they are afraid their big dicks will have to compete with the gloriousness that is a pleasure product… Don’t they know we can use both? 

I have amassed large collection over the years and have invested a large chunk of change in pleasing myself. When I think about it… There’s no better reward than knowing that I can please myself at any point of the day. Don’t get me wrong – it took me a few tries to figure out what product worked best for me. To be honest, once I figured it out I couldn’t get enough. Some days you only need one. But, I wake up some mornings and purely want a clitoral orgasm other mornings I want a blended orgasm – there’s something special for any orgasm you want. You see where I’m going with this… Not only is it fun to find what works for you, but it makes you so much more aware of what you want from your partners, and what you need in bed when the pleasure products are not around.

Never be shy to do your research or ask questions – even if you’re just asking yourself what feels good. People have used pleasure products for years, and fucking yourself is going to feel so much better if you make an informed decision. And if you don’t. It’s still going to feel fucking awesome. I do it 3 times a day. I would know. ;)

xxo IVY

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Here are some tips for practicing Self-Love
  • Don't masturbate like it's something you have to accomplish or else. Make sure you have enough time to not feel rushed and have enough privacy to not be interrupted. If you only have five minutes or you've set aside a day like you need to get this figured out, odds are you'e going to be way too stressed to allow the kind of no-pressure chill vibe you should ideally have when you're masturbating, at least in the beginning. So shut your phone on, put on some music that turns you on, and take your time. 
  • Use some lube, because why not? Using a quarter-size amount of lube onto your index and middle fingers, and gently massaging it around your clitoris (the little button-shaped thing at the top of your vagina) and inner labia (the folds inside the larger folds that make up most of your vagina). Sure, you might have enough natural vaginal lubrication to start with, but if you don't, extra lube (no matter where it comes from) will make it a lot more comfortable. 
  • You can use a vibrator, but you shouldn't necessarily start with that. While you might have a better success rate with a toy, using your hands in the beginning can be a great way to learn about your body. Plus, it's also more comparable to the sensations caused by a partner's hands, so if you have any interest in partner sex, it'll help you transition from one to the other more smoothly, and gives you information for your partner about how you like to be touched.
  • You don't have to focus on the private parts and nothing but your private parts. We recommend also bringing in nipple stimulation into masturbation, or grabbing your butt or upper thighs, just to see if any of that feels good to you. Part of that is just to get a sense of where you're the most sensitive and what kind of touch feels best for you. Plus, by finding those spots on other parts of your body that feel really good, you're increasing your arousal, which will make touch feel different (and probably better), which is always great. 
  • You don't have to just lie on your back. We also recommend lifting your legs as high as possible (we're talking knees on your shoulders here) to help you reach the internal parts of your clitoris, or turning on your stomach and seeing if that feels good to you. It's harder to reach in that position, but some really love it, so why not try?

    Now go forth and masturbate a lot! You're ready. 

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