To Swing or not to Swing... Part 2 June 02 2015

I had mentally prepared for this. Having gone to my first party a couple weeks ago, I was more excited than nervous this time around. I already knew what I was getting myself into — or so I thought. George picked me up in his Benz and we went to a club known for throwing swingers parties.

We drove for a while to get to this unmarked door that opened into what seemed to be a big warehouse. George called the number of the club owner to let us in. She greeted us at the door dressed in black, skin-tight lingerie. We checked our coats, George paid the entrance fee, and the lady in black started us on our tour of the ‘club’.

By the entrance there were bathrooms and lockers for our clothes. A bit further down there was a dance floor filled with people who were dancing half dressed to butt naked on stripper poles. The dance floor was surrounded by a bar and multiple couches. On the couches, orgies were in full swing, and people were getting wild… 

But it was past the couches where the magic happened, in the “Magic Room.” This large room had many beds built into the wall – like some sort of upscale kinky sleep away camp. To clarify, these beds were not coming OFF the wall, but rather were built into little nooks inside of the wall for just the right amount of privacy and publicity. Beyond the Magic Room was the Stripper Room. In the Stripper Room, TVs playing hardcore porn all faced one massive circular bed in the center of the room. In the middle of the mattress was a stripper pole. Finally, the Jacuzzi Room was an indoor outdoor area where people could smoke and indulge in whatever substances made them feel good.

My eyes were wide with curiosity and excitement – oh, the fun that was about to ensue. Once our tour concluded we were given the house rules. “Play with whomever you want as long as you have permission. You can watch whomever you want. Anything goes. And most importantly, of course, be safe.” And off she went. We were left at the bar by the dance floor, taking shots of peach vodka to get on the level of our fellow party goers. Couples came up to us and asked to play but we were uninterested (not our type). Across the room we found the couple that intrigued us – we wanted to play and joined the conversation they were having with another sexy couple.

It was Dave and Ashley’s first time swinging and I was quite excited to play with Ashley. Dave said he just wanted to watch Ashley with another couple, so George and I decided to take her to the Magic room.

We all needed to use a ladder to climb up in to a bed nook. George and I assisted D and A up to the top, passing by an occupied bed. The top loft was big, big enough for all of us to fit comfortably. It was dark, and we all began undressing. There is an unstated rule in Swingers’ clubs that people do not need to kiss one another on the lips.. but since we already spoke with everyone, we were all ok with full swaps, meaning everyone was ok with doing everything to each other, as long as protection was used. Fast forward.. We are all naked…

George, Ashley and myself began by kissing one another, until it was just Ashley and I. George directed us as to what he wanted to see. He told me how he wanted me to pleasure Ashley.. step by step. I slowly let my tongue glide down from A’s mouth down to her throat. I tasted her sweetness as I traced my tongue down her chest and engulfed one of her nipples in my mouth. Teasing her, I allowed my fingers to follow the path my tongue just created from her neck down to her belly, stopping right above her throbbing lady bits. I teased her a bit more before resting my tongue on her clit and flicked it back and forth. At one point George had taken me from behind, and was reaching over me, grabbing A’s perky nipples.

George repositioned us, so that I would be on top of Ashley/straddling her and she would be laying under me. He entered Ashley whilst pulling my hair. Ashley and I were entangled in each other, not only with our bodies but also our tongues. I felt interconnected to their rhythm, and her moans just made me more wet, and ready for George to reenter me. After her body shuddered under me, George asked her to suck on my nipples while he fucked me hard. It was like we hadn’t had sex for months and he finally entered my dripping pussy. He loved watching another person please me, while I was getting pleased by him. He told her to bite me, kiss me, tease me. She followed, and he thrust harder and deeper.

We moved out of the kinky bed arrangements, and on to the circular bed with the stripper pole. Other couples watched as we maneuvered our way around one another, figuring out the best way to please each other. Dave joined in, and hoisted my back on to the pole, while he fucked me standing up. He hit just the right angle for me to squirt time and time again. The pole became our prop, as Ashley and George disappeared in to the club. Dave and I finished each other off, and relaxed on the couches nude until our partners had also reached satisfaction.

George and I left the club, exhausted and had a ways to go to our end destination. I was still a bit feisty, and decided the only proper thing for us to do to stay awake was some serious road head. I unbuttoned his jeans and sucked his dick all the way home. Our sleepiness wore off, and we resumed the fun back at home, recounting our club adventure.


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