To Swing or not to Swing... April 21 2015 6 Comments

It was a typical Tuesday; I went to work and was meeting with George (the man I had been casually seeing for a few months) in the evening for drinks at the Standard in Downtown. After a long day of work, I asked George to come pick me up on his way to the hotel because I was tired and needed some time to get sexy. George, who typically didn’t request that I wear heels, suggested that I wear my sexiest pair of heels. Hmmm. Ok. Not that I felt super sexy or anything this evening, but obviously he was frisky, so why not encourage him? George picked me up at 10 and we headed over to the rooftop of the Standard. It was quite crowded, people playing ping-pong, couples making out in the beer garden, and just an overall chill ambience. I loved the vibe. Towards the left of the bar there was a great view of downtown Los Angeles, so I gradually gravitated toward the edge while George got us some drinks.

As I stood overlooking the view, I noticed a couple fondling one another in the distance. Naturally curious, I turned from the view to the lounge area, several water bed pods were set up, one of which the couple was sitting on. It was an older yet very beautiful woman going at it with a much younger man. Maybe it was shock, or disbelief, but I could not look away. Her tits were completely exposed, on this rooftop, just dangling out of her shiny top, and the sexy man beneath her was clearly loving ever second of it. I couldn’t believe my eyes, how and why was I the only one completely taken aback by the fact that her tits were in my face and in the faces of everyone else around!? George walked towards me, and exclaimed “NICOLE!” to the woman whose tits I was just admiring in the mans mouth.



As ‘Nicole’ put her boobs in place and walked towards us, “Hey Georgie, this must be your girl, she’s a beauty, like you said” she proceeded to kiss me on the lips.. Again, I was stunned. What did I stumble in to?

Nicole, plump lips, stunning eyes, clearly well in to her 40s, was in really good shape, and I started to get a bit nervous as to how my George knew such a gorgeous sexually open woman. She introduced me to her partner Sam. George and I were an interracial couple and so were Sam and Nicole. Sam was sexy as all hell. Tall, light eyes, built, but not overly built.. and held an amazing conversation. Somehow, we decided to check out Sam and Nicole’s suite. We walked down a narrow staircase, and walked in.. it was definitely a suite. But a bit different then I was expecting.

There were naked sexy people everywhere. And ya, I’m a part time nudist, but holy hell. Three women to one man. Two men to one women. Toys in women’s luscious behinds. Showers filled with naked people. My eyes couldn’t scan the room fast enough. What did my curiosity get me in to this time? Nicole and George just stared at me waiting for a reaction.

“So, guys, a swingers party?” And that’s all that I said.

Nicole revisited my lips, and started to undress me while our partners watched from the red L-shaped couch, which conveniently had a mirror overhead. Their eyes burned in to our bodies, and I felt my anxiety melt away. As she stripped me of my panties, and I stripped her of what she was wearing, I took her legs behind my head and flicked her clit with my tongue. She was so sexy and demanding. She wanted to have her ass eaten. I delivered. She needed to have her hair pulled and called a little slut, so I bent over and made sure to call her my little slut. Sam inserted his cock in her mouth, while George entered me from behind. They both just watched me pleasing Nicole until she came in my mouth. We moved about the party, playing with new partners, trying out new scenarios, until George told me he needed to be pleased by Nicole and I. Nicole and Sam had no objections. Nicole loved to be fucked anally, something that was not my most favorite thing in the world. George was more than thrilled. I sucked his dick until it was dripping and inserted it gently in to her thick ass. I laid down on the floor in front of her, so she could make me cum while George watched us going at it. Other swingers were watching us, and the whole situation went from hot, to SCORTCHING. George pulled his dick out and came in our mouths..and just like you see in a good porn, Nicole and I made out with the cum.

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