Sex On The Beach June 09 2015

Jordan and I had a very tumultuous relationship.. to say the very least. But this only made our sex life that much more exciting.
Jordan was the first man who figured out how to make me cum properly- or he was the first man with whom I felt completely comfortable to squirt. We met in a human biology course one winter morning, when I was not quite looking for another male to add to my plate. I turned around after hearing his name, to mention that my father possessed the same name (Weird?). We exchanged numbers, and probably some spit shortly afterwards. I was just getting out of a relationship, and stumbled in to this one. Jordan was a charmer; he had a way with words. He would love to pen me poems boosting my self-esteem, and meet me after class with a long stem red roses. 

Jordan was a player, who was used to getting his way in bed.. but that was before he met me. Foreplay is my thang. If you can’t lick me downstairs, you just won’t be sticking it in at all. Jordan took baby steps in this department. Either way. Once he started loving the experience we finally figured out how to unleash each other’s animals. After releasing the beast within in a series of compromising positions, mostly in the car or on the street, we decided to take a trip to the beach.

There were no expectations on our drive down to Malibu, but the horniness was raging. As we drove through the winding road, he worked his way past my tight jeans and in to my pants. My pussy was throbbing as his warm fingers met my already wet and pulsating mound. As my eyes rolled back, I could barely pay attention to the road- if we drove in to a ditch.. I probably wouldn’t have cared. Thankfully we arrived at the beach and I was begging for the play to continue. He unbuckled my seatbelt and took my hand across the bustling road that led down to the sand. I stretched my neck to look around, feeling a sudden jolt of fear, but only more turned on by the thought of getting caught. Jordan placed me on my back and pulled out his massive member.

I gave it a quick lick then laid back to admire how it glistened in the moon light. As he shoved it inside me, an electrical current ran through my entire body, I wanted all of him in me. At first he was much more gentle than I expected.. But this only gave way to the ramming I so desperately needed.
As I felt the tingle that marked the beginning of my orgasm I instinctively tried to pull back, but this only prompted him to grab me closer and thrust faster.
I wanted to yell out, but he began to choke me before I could get a word out.
Suddenly, I began to squirt and a wave of ecstasy engulfed my body, causing me to melt in to the sand.

He started to cum almost simultaneously and my pussy throbbed and pulsated as if to soak up every bit of his pleasure. 
As we laid in the sand staring up at the night sky, we shared in a devious smile until we were capable of moving.

                                                            CC: FaceDownFessUp 

                                     Have you ever had Sex on the beach? Did you enjoy it? 

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