Welcome To The World Of #PayPig April 28 2015

I am often asked how I keep a straight face when wiggling my toes on camera. I say, I take money very seriously, whether my customer is jacking off or doing whatever. I should start by saying, I'm an adult entertainer. I do what would be considered softcore. I started by selling panties on reddit and have progressed to Financial Domination. I still do everything in-between. I didn't make much money on reddit because my target audience doesn't use the site. In any business, you have to know your demographics. I know who I appeal to and I use that knowledge to make money. I have discussed my size before in this blog but for those who don't know. I'm plus size, have humongous breast and and a pretty round ass. No offense to white men, but they don't generally want a woman with a phat ass. So I didn't sell any panties at all on reddit.
In real life, white men are attracted to my large breast so I can date or sleep with them but that's not business. I took my panties and ass to Instagram. I fell into foot fetishism, along with ass worship. Eventually, I started selling pictures and videos of myself nude or partially clothed. I'm a squirter, so that opened up a whole new world of fetish for me.


I started doing Skype sessions not too long ago. I do a lot of foot play on camera, while guys masturbate. It turns me on a little to watch but I am incredibly turned on by the money. I have most recently become a financial dominatrix. I offer light to heavy humiliation and degradation to men, who pay me for it. I have told men to use butt plugs, collar & leash sets, cock rings or other sexual torture devices. Some men even get off on me taking their money with little other interaction. I have sex slaves and pay pigs, all online. The only way to gain my attention is to pay monetary tribute to me and worship the goddess that I am.


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