Diary of a Deviant June 02 2015

Don’t let the title of this blog post mislead you…

I do not believe that I am a deviant.  I believe I participate in behaviors that are deemed as deviant.

Basically I’m not a deviant, I just fuck like one ;).

Deviance is defined by Google as, “the state of departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior.”

In this blog, Face Down Fess Up,  I give true meaning to Google’s vanila definition. Deviance is so much more than a well constructed sentence in a dictionary. It is deep, it is wet, and it throbs just as hard as you do.

There is a trend in the emails I receive from you readers of FDFU. I have been asked to share a bit more about myself, including what I look like (yes, I am a female) and a bunch of other interesting questions… Maybe its because you want to fantasize and see me in these situations – to that I say: go out, even if just in your mind, and see yourself in one.

Or maybe you are just curious, and to that I say: for those of you who do not know me, this anonymity thing is fun. I allow myself to shed the fear of being judged, and to share, with whomever chooses to listen, my stories – stories most women will never share or even allow themselves to have.

But why the inherent need for anonymity? You fucking know why…

This is the world we live in. Maybe someday I’ll spray my name all over this bad boy in pride… Someday when sharing my identity does not mean I have shared my entire identity: my love for my family and friends, and for my career.

That day may not come in my lifetime, but I will cum many many times in my lifetime and that for me is enough for now…