Ivy's Voyage Through India June 17 2015

So I have a weird notch on my Fucket-list.

I want to have sex with people of many different ethnic origins.

So far I have hit the major groups; but my goal is to dispel penis stereotypes that I have had in my mind for years and years. Asians..small dicks, blacks.. big dicks, latinos.. good lovers, and so on and so forth. So far, every time I have been proved wrong.

As I am writing this post, I am planning a multi-month backpacking trip through India. Let me tell you, I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Although my life inevitably includes sex, pleasure and so forth, I am beyond excited to see and immerse myself in the country's rich history and people. (P.s. I have yet to decide which vibrator I will be packing with me). Don’t fret, I will be visiting a Kama Sutra temple, and hopefully engaging in some ancient tantric practices.
Now, to get back onto the topic. Penis size and ethnic stereotypes.

My first Indian adventure.

I was in a trendy club in San Francisco with my friend Serena when I met Ashok. Serena and Ashok were mutual friends and we decided to join their table for the evening. Ashok was tall, thick body frame, and all around attractive. He was aggressive in the way he pursued me, and I was turned on by every moment of it. A few shots of tequila later we were on the dance floor, sweating and grinding all over each other. It was caliente.

He pulled me by my hair and entangled his mouth with my own. There was zero hesitation on my part. I wanted him, and I would’ve taken him there. Our bodies were so close to one another, panting, it felt like we were having sex with each other, on the dance floor. Our clothes hindered the ability to fuck right then and there (thankfully, I was soon to find out).  His hand lay firmly on the back of my neck for the remainder of the evening, guiding me through the club, and bringing me back closer to his face. I could feel my panties moistening under my short black skirt. Back at the table Serena was busy with some of Ashok’s friends. Ashok initiated what I can recall as a four way make out, on the table. Serena and I began by making out with one another. Her lips soft and gentle. Ashok and his male friend joined in, tongues swirled over the table. I don’t know if it was the club that was getting hotter, or if the heat from my pussy began radiating.
I needed to get home.

Ashok hailed a cab, and we rode to my place not far from the club. 
Upon entering my room, he pushed me on my bed, and ran his hand under my skirt, raising it to my stomach. His tongue lightly fluttered on my clit, before he bit my inner thighs. It was not enough, I needed more. He did not want to give me more, and went straight to unbuckling his pants. I was writhing underneath him, convincing myself that the release I so needed was about to happen. The anticipation was ripe. I wanted him to take me, aggressively, and let out all this pent up tension. As his belt came off, his trousers dropped to the floor, and I saw the problem that I was about to encounter.
Ashok had the smallest penis I had ever seen.  

Approximately the size of my thumb, fully engorged and erect, I was in shock. As I pulled out a condom from my nightstand drawer, I was concerned whether it would fit him.

He put on the condom, and held the base as he entered me. I will never forget how fast he came, and how I barely realized it had been in me.

My first indian experience. Tanking before my eyes. I was disappointed, sexually frustrated, and unbelievably shocked. Until this moment, I never had an encounter with a man who was so disproportionately sized. I remember watching documentaries about the differences in penis size in Asia, but this was my only first hand experience with an Indian man.

I’m sorry to all of you who were reading this and thought there would be some explosive ending. I too, am disappointed.

The day after this encounter I did some reflecting. Why was I upset about how things ended? Well, I believe pleasure is mutual and if you weren’t born with the necessary parts to please me, at least put in some time and effort to make it happen with your fingers and tongue.
So, although my first and only Indian encounter was beyond disappointing... I hope my upcoming travels will help create new experiences including lots of Indian pleasure stories. s.


What's your take on sex with different ethnic origins?

Are the myths that Ivy mentioned true?

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