Fetish Fantasy Gold Luv Plug review May 23 2016

I’ve not really bothered too much with butt plugs in the past, probably because the experiences I have had with them previously really weren’t that great.

The few I have tried, I’ve tried to wear during sex, but not being bulbous enough or not having enough of a tapered stem meant that they never wanted to stay put, and nobody wants a butt plug hurtling at them at speed when in the throes of passion do they? … So I just gave up. It niggled at me though, because I’ve always wanted a jewelled butt plug, who doesn’t want a sparkly ass? Enter the Fetish Fantasy Gold Luv Plug by Pipedream, I really couldn’t wait to try it out …

When this arrived I was eager to see just what this plug was going to be like. The packaging is inoffensive and fairly simple, to be honest I just wanted to get to what was inside! Inside the box was a plastic tray, cradling my new plug in a foam type bag. I was a bit sad to see that it wasn’t supplied with a storage bag – I know it’s a small detail, but to me it really makes a difference. I like a product to be sold with a storage bag for you to keep it safely stored in. Anyway, once inside the foam bag, I got my first glimpse of my gorgeous new plug, and it really is gorgeous! The first thing that caught my attention was the weight, it is much heavier than plugs I’ve previously tried, at around 130g this is definitely aimed at the intermediate market, a beginner to anal play may find it a little too daunting to begin with. It’s definitely not a beginners plug in terms of dimensions either. It has a total length of 4.5 inches and a circumference of 4.75 inches, it’s not huge by any means but I knew the size would give me a nice feeling of fullness when worn. Looking it over in my hands, I noticed just how flawless this plug is, there is not a mark in the finish, no scratches or any edges which feel sharp. The jewel was twinkling away, causing light to dance across the walls of the room. It felt so silky smooth, even though the finish isn’t highly polished, much more of a matt gold. I really like this, because seeing fingerprints all over it would drive me crazy. There was only one way I wanted this plug to drive me crazy, and fingerprints didn’t factor into my plan! I wondered if the three ridges around the neck would feel uncomfortable or strange during wear, I needn’t of worried …

A little bit of a personal warm up and some lubrication and insertion was surprisingly easy. The size and weight of this is just about perfect for me. I felt wonderfully full without feeling uncomfortable, and I found it easily stayed where it was put, much to my relief! The ridges feel good too, they’re honestly not as scary as some people might think they look. I’d had it under the hot tap for a minute before I popped it in because, well, it’s February and it’s bloody freezing, but if cold is your thing you’ll be happy to just slide it right in!

Worn during sex it feels incredible, my man certainly seemed to enjoy himself too. The base is a great size, it doesn’t interfere with anything and sits in place very comfortably. It looks amazing when worn, and it creates lovely patterns around the room when the light hits it right! Being metal it’s so easy to clean in the sink, and a spritz of sex toy cleaner means it’s ready and waiting for the next time it comes out to play. This is my first metal butt plug, but I suspect it wont be my last. I didn’t know what I was missing! Do you think this is the first time I’ve felt like the sun shines out my ass …?

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