Take one for the team.... October 06 2015

My best friend wanted to give her boyfriend the most memorable birthday of his life. They had a great sex life, however he’s always dreamt of having a threesome. She had always declined but decided she would be willing to do so as a gift for his upcoming birthday. Some background: said friend and me have been intimate on a few occasions prior, but it was our secret, especially from her boyfriend.

On his birthday, she rented a suite at the Loews hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles. We checked into the room and were very happy with the ambiance. She requested set up with private Forbidden Luxury Romance Concierge service and ordered the ‘Preferred Package.’ We left and ran some errands while the Forbidden Luxury team set up the room to the fullest extent. When I returned, there was a bottle of Grey Goose in the ice chest with 3 glasses being chilled, aching to be used. There was also a tray of cake pops garnished with ‘happy birthday’ written in chocolate as well as a tray of chocolate covered strawberries. They also had tons of real rose petals scattered, in pink and in red, throughout the bedroom and in the bathroom. There was a Jacuzzi with warm water, bubbles and rose petals in the water, surrounded by an assortment of candles. The mood was definitely set.

My best friend left to go pick up her boyfriend for his surprise. While gone, I took the opportunity to change in to some lingerie and get myself in the mood. When she texted me to let me know she was on her way up to the room, I placed a single rose in my mouth, and tried to look as seductive as possible. She covered her mans eyes and walked him into the room. As he caught view of me, in my pink raunchy lingerie, he was so excited he couldn’t help but stick his tongue down my friend’s throat and grab her thick ass. He knew what we were all there for. We looked at each other and let out a nervous, sex filled laughed.

As my friend and her boyfriend had a make out session, I disrobed and got into the tub. The water was a perfect warm temperature by this time. I could see the other 2 from the tub, and watched as my friend gave her boyfriend a seductively naked blowjob, ass proudly in the air. It was fucking hot. I was getting wetter by the minute. They saw me being a voyeur, and decided to come in to the bathroom to let me join. My friend and I passionately kissed standing in the tub. Her boyfriend looked on, gaining an extremely hard cock. He panted, “Yes that’s what I like ladies.” The kissing quickly turned in to heavy touching and fingering. He stood on the side of the tub and watched as his fantasy unfolded.

My friend stood up in the tub and placed one foot on the side. I knew how she wanted it and proceeded to eat her pussy eagerly. I liked hearing the moans slip from her mouth, as I watched her mans reaction to her pleasure. As my tongue glided across her clit, the boyfriend exclaimed, “Y’all are some nasty bitches.”  We let out a devious giggle, and continued with the mutual pleasure. After we both came, we decided to move to the bedroom and let her boyfriend in on our fun. “How do you want her?” asked my friend. Her boyfriend responded, “eat her out, and I want to feel her cum.” She laid me on the bed and went down on me. This was by far the best oral sex I’ve ever had in my life. I moaned in ecstasy as she went to work on my sensitive clit and g-spot. Her boyfriend began to touch me and fondled my breasts. My nipples instantly became hard under her soft hands. Watching him felt like watching a child open up their Christmas presents. “Man you ladies are so sexy!” he mustered. My best friend summoned him down to join her in eating her meal. He seemed nervous and hesitant, but he went for it. My friend interjected saying, “let me show you how to do it right!” He got close and watched. “Now you try…” He licked away, but not for too long. I was ready to cum and my friend is the best at helping me achieve that. And just like that, it was explosive.  

Her boyfriend needed some attention and his fantasy needed to be fulfilled. She moved her mouth from my wet pussy to his throbbing cock. He was so turned on and excited from seeing his girlfriend making another women cum. She played with his cock in her mouth for a little while, and then she decided she wanted his dick filling her up. “How do you want me birthday boy?”  He bent her over in the bed and gave it to her doggy style. As she took him from behind, I allowed myself to put my pussy in front of her. As her pussy was being filled with hot cum, her mouth filled with my cum too…
Happy birthday” she whispered to her man before we all started making out.


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