Ivy's Travel Adventure Part 2: Tel Aviv Nights November 03 2015

B. and I go back 2 years.
We met on an organized trip to Israel, and instantly hit it off in the chemistry department. He has a kind heart, a brilliant mind and is one of the biggest gentlemen I know. After serving in the Israeli army (in an elite unit might I add), he travelled the world for a year and came back a different person. He is more open to adventure, less shy and STILL a gentleman. Two years ago, when I propositioned that we should have sex, he responded with, “I want to wait to get to know you better.”

I will never forget that statement.

He was genuine in his request and really waited to get to know ‘me’ before even kissing. Every time I see him in person, my heart seems to skip a beat. When I arrived in Israel, I could not wait to see him. Yes, I wanted to have sex with him, but it was nowhere on my agenda for the trip.

He picked me up for drinks in the heart of Tel Aviv. We parked on one side of the port city, and walked along the beach to the opposite end, stopping to chat and drink along the way. A few drinks in, my heart did its weird thing, or was it my vagina.. Who knows? I suggested that we go skinny dipping in the Mediterranean Sea. Sure, it was 2:30AM but there were still people scattered along the beach.

In Israel, the beach never officially closes. We found a large abandoned umbrella on the sand, and hid our clothes under it. He was first to strip down to his birthday suit, and I quickly followed… He strutted confidently with a hard cock into the water, ignoring the curious glances from the passerby’s.

As we submerged ourselves into the warm, extremely pleasant water, he pulled me in for a deep kiss. The waves hit us hard, pushing us in together, and pulling us apart. As he tried to insert himself into me, the waves would hit creating a situation NOT especially conducive for fucking. Whoever said that having sex in a rambunctious sea is graceful, must be on crack… or at least they were not in the sea I was maneuvering. I decided that we should have sex in the sand under our makeshift umbrella.

As we walked out of the water, an orthodox Jewish man passed us.

Oy Vey… I was about to go to hell.

We tried to turn back around, trying to conceal our nudity, but he just walked slowly past our umbrella. As we sat under the umbrella, naked, caressing one another, ignoring all external thoughts.. the man returned to speak to us. We were both naked, drenched, and he SERIOUSLY wanted to have a conversation about the temperature of the water?!

“How is the water, do you think it’s dangerous?... etc. etc. etc.” We were beyond uncomfortable. Not only did he ruin our fun, he ruined the mood. Whatever his intentions, we quickly got dressed, sand in all of our crevices, and continued walking along the shore. We walked so far, we decided to hop in a cab back to Benny’s car, and go to the apartment where I was staying. We entered the bathroom, stripped off our clothes, and got straight into the shower. Sand and soapsuds everywhere, we finally could fuck the way we wanted… without unwanted intrusions. After cleaning each other off, he ran his hands over my vagina applying pressure to my clit. Pleasure and lust took over my body, and I wanted to show him how much I had wanted him over the last two years.

I got on my knees, with the hot water hitting me on my back, and sucked on his cock. I was hungry for him. He fit nicely in my mouth, and I watched as his face contorted in pleasure. His building pleasure only pushed me to give him the best blowjob of his life. As he pulled my hair, and pushed me in further, I engulfed him in my soaking mouth, alternating between using only my tongue and hand. He was shaking in pleasure, moaning, telling me not to stop. I put his cock between my full tits and watched as he tried to contain his excitement. He pulled me up, and made out with me before turning me around to insert himself into me. Shower sex was great, but I wanted to feel my wetness build around his cock, and not have it washed away by the shower. We walked to the bed dripping, as he got on top of me, kissing me from my mouth until my sensitive pussy lips. Letting his tongue dance around my clit, he slowly inserted two fingers in to me, making my wetness grow. “Do you like it like this,” he teased…. “Or like this.” Mmmm.  “Like that.” He listened to direction well, and when the cum started squirting out of me, he paused briefly. “WTF, you can do that!!?!? I thought that only happens in American porn?”

I giggled hysterically. Not the first reaction I was expecting, but it wasn’t awful. “Show me how to do that to you again.”

I told him it was easier to create waterworks if I rode his cock, and he gladly obliged. I pinned his arms behind his head and took his cock deep in me. Slowly at first, building momentum on my g-spot. He watched eagerly, moaning in delight as I covered him in my cum. “Do it again, and I will finish in you.” I pressed my fingers into my clit, and rode his cock. As I let out my final orgasm, I crashed into him. He quickly released himself into me, filling me with a long deserved finish.



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