A Encounter with Dee December 08 2015

Holy fuck.


We met on okcupid. I came back from India and decided that I should probably seek a semi normal relationship. As per always. This thought fails quickly. He warned me. He said I would be addicted to his cock. But come on. I don't fall for that line. 

I had the worst day at work, and he invited me for dinner and drinks. I picked him up on my way and we grabbed some dinner to go and headed back to his place. He had some work to do, so I ate my meal until he was finished. He had to watch the show (he produced) air on the west coast, but he totally failed on that mission.

Dee and I were seated on the couch when he went for my bottom lip. He bit it hard. And then licked gently around my mouth. I was soaking... Everywhere.

Side note: I hadn't had sex in a month. My need for him was probably dripping out of my pores.
His work show came back on TV and I thought this to be the perfect opportunity for a quick restroom break before any more action was to ensue. He came up from behind and pinned my arms against the wall. He grinded his body into mine, letting his stiffness press against my back. His mouth met mine. "I need to go pee!" I grunted as he continued grinding on me.

He let me go.

When I returned to the couch he was naked. Stroking his cock in pleasure.
"I just couldn't wait!" He smiled mischievously.
"Get on your knees and show me why you're a good girl," he exclaimed in his sexy African accent.
His cock was big, thick and barely fit deep in my throat. I was struggling to look sexy while wrapping my lips around him. He pushed my head down, and demanding that I spit all over him. "I like it rough," he declared. "Tell me when I'm being too rough."  I choked and as the tears rolled down my face, he ripped off my pants. "Sit on my face and cum for me baby girl."
Don't have to ask me twice.
This tongue danced around my clit, before it plunged in to my dripping hole. I couldn't cum like this.  It was just not going to happen...
"Get on your back, now... It's a demand."
I laid down and he told me to open my mouth. He spit, telling me to taste my pussy juices. As he wrapped his hand around my neck, he warned me that I was going to have to soak his carpet if I was ever intending to leave. "You're going to have to learn your lesson for not cumming from my tongue.."

Oh boy.

He licked his finger and shoved it in my ass.
"Ouuchhhh, I was not prepared for that you asshole."
"Is that how you speak to me??" He exclaimed as he slapped my face with his spare hand.
"Don't worry baby, I'm gonna make you cum so hard."
He slowly let his cock enter me. He swirled it around my wetness for a bit, allowing my tight pussy to adjust to his girth. His cock filled up my cunt and his finger was still deep in my bum. I was full, and could not move. Literally.
When he started adjusting himself, he intentionally grinded against my gspot.
My pussy was going to explode. I shuddered hard, pulsing around his thickness and his finger.
"That's right baby, you're going to keep coming until I'm satisfied."
He flipped me over, and spread my ass cheeks before running his tongue up and down my ass.
He entered me from behind, and I was dripping. Literally
I could barely stay on my knees. Shaking from the orgasms that kept flowing through me.
"I want my reward, I want my reward I begged."
My pussy was spent. I literally couldn't take him anymore.
"You want your reward baby? I'll decide when to give it to you."
"Get on your knees, open your mouth and open your eyes," he said seriously.
"I want to see your beautiful face as I reward you."
He unloaded himself on my face, covering me in his gifts.
He kissed me, "Good girl baby, never have I seen you more beautiful!"
And so... The addiction began.



CC: FaceDownFessUp 


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