All Is Fair... In Love & War December 22 2015

He had rearranged his whole day to see her, he knew that she worked at an elementary school and had only 45 minutes for lunch, but to be with her for any amount of time was worth it.

This torrid affair started years ago when they met serendipitously in biology class. As he introduced himself she giggled at the fact that her father shared his name. It was that laugh and those eyes.......she had him.

Through the years their relationship was one of hot sex in wild places and today was no exception. As he drove up to the back of the school, his dick fighting viciously to free themselves of those restrictive tight Levi's, he spotted her.

As she saw him approaching her juices began flowing, and a barely visible wet spot appeared on her leggings. She sat down, and they shared a longing glance, for him it seemed like an eternity, one he wished would never end. He knew time was of the essence, and hurried to find a secluded spot.

He drove and parked up a hill. He turned to her and watched as she bit her bottom lip, something she knew would drive him absolutely wild. He leaned in to kiss her, and he let out an involuntary sigh, one caused by the longing he felt in their considerable time apart. He said that he wanted all of her, and she just smiled playfully back at him. He began running her pussy through the fabric, and could feel her quiver. She jokingly commented that she had made him come at their last encounter. All is fair in love and war, so he responded that it was her turn. She pulled down her pants to reveal her glistening pussy. One look and his eyes rolled back. He rubbed her clit as he attacked her mouth and tongue, pulling her hair just the way he knew she loved.

Suddenly a car appeared and the spell was broken. They had to regroup and then relocate. Knowing that lunch would soon be over, he scrambled to find a new spot. Three streets over on a different hill, they picked up right where they left off.

He slid one finger inside to feel how wet she was, and then another finger, just for kicks. She came again and again sending a stream of squirt down his hand and arm. As he pulled back his fingers to marvel at his accomplishment and taste his spoils of glory, she quickly grabbed his fingers and licked them clean. Knowing that she couldn't leave him in such a state, she looked at him and said perhaps you want to take me from behind baby. He cautiously looked around to make sure there would be no more interruptions and said yes. He got out and came around to her side, only to find that she was already face down ass up, ready and waiting for him. Without any hesitation, he whipped out his aching cock And slid it in, as a rhythm developed their moans began to sync up, until he finally exploded inside of her sending a shockwave through his body, his legs were shaking like dry leaves in the wind. He could barely make it back to the drivers seat. She squatted down beside the car and let his cum slowly drip out of her, only breaking the silence to comment on the large amount. As he drove her back, they both sat with a sense of complete satisfaction. They drove up to the gate and shared one last kiss, counting down the seconds until they would meet again. As he drove off a sheepish grin spread across his face, as he imagined the rest of his hot cum, slowly soaking her silk panties as she finished class

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