Exploring The Untouched January 25 2016

First mistake a couple makes nowadays is they undress for what is already expected. Skipping through what is known as foreplay unless they came home late and are getting ready for bed from taking a shower. ( I'll write about that later )

Why not kiss her neck and massage her shoulders while she grabs everything and anything she can that she loves about your body. You want to build that ravishing sexual energy, you want those sweet spots in her body to tense up and scream for attention. As a man, we must use that 6th sense we don't speak of because we would look crazy. That sense that let's you understand the presence of someone around you without having to see them. You don't really have to touch her to know where she wants to be touched. Just a distance, no more than half of a inch from her skin and just explore her while you kiss her. Don't ever forget to whisper what she means to you! Who she is to you and What you want to do to her! Its your job as her companion/husband/boyfriend to know what she does for a living(Job). Things like is she using her hands a lot? If she is, then massage them with light pressure but don't be afraid to squeeze a bit more so she knows who's boss. Is she a teacher? then set her down anywhere but a bed and start from the head. Dig those fingers into her scalp, lightly scratch her head and massage it, get her hair loose and run your fingers through them. Release her thoughts from where she doesn't want it to be. Do your research and see how a head massages are properly done. Unbutton her shirt if she wearing some sort of button down top but don't remove it. Lightly blow cold air as your work your way down to her legs. Make sure you massage her heal and keep the pressure mild on her ankles and calves. This is where you must understand what part of her body is the most stressed due to her job. This will allow her to focus more on what she wants than what she needs because what she needed has been attended to and what she wants will soon be explored.

Hold her hands and try not to use any force so you can feel her squeeze whenever you kissed a spot she wants attention. Now, its possible that she will squeeze harder in different spots more than others. Bite it (but not too hard), then kiss and suck it. Don't suck too hard if she doesn't want any marks( that can be seen) that can't be covered. You are a vampire, and she is your meal, grab her by hair as close as possible to her scalp....... don't make it to painful and look for the most stiffest part and lick, suck and bite. You want to feel the weight of her body as she's starting to relax. Explore her body, tease her mid section (under her neck to above her waist). Followed by working your way from her beautiful feet to just below her mid section. Warm them up, kiss them, suck them and bite where there is muscle tissues (heel, calves & thighs). Tighten the With your hands behind her back you can pull her up and her stomach/breast will tighten or pull her hair down and watch her back arch. Her body must understand, that when pain is endured... pleasure will follow ten times the satisfaction. Listen to her breathing as you explore her body, she will relax on some good spots and some will have her gasping for air because she cant get enough of it. Bite it, lick it and suck on it until her breathing pattern returns to a relaxed state. Never forget to let her know, her scent and sweat satisfies your sweet tooth so she isn't ashamed of coming home from work or just working hard around the house. She is your queen that needs to be relieved of her duties and you are her servant that nobody speaks of. You become the ruler and she becomes your mistress.

At this point, she is horny and frustrated that she hasn't reach her climax. Don't lose your cool and give in to what she asking for. You control what happen next, not her. Enjoy yourself as she is relaxed and laying on that bed. Let her perform some oral pleasure, this is where you as her companion must know..... what does she enjoy that makes her close her eyes as that flavor explodes in her mouth and tingles her nerves. Is it a strawberry that she can chew on; give her the challenge to suck on it while she swallows that strawberry. My girl loves snicker bars, banana splits and chocolate cake (the sugar will help enhance the energy). I keep a cooler with all these items in it and a big clean bowl to mix it together. Sometimes I love making a banana split in her mouth and stuffing it with my dick. Seeing the side of her cheek drip of good flavor, this will make her suck every ounce of that dick a lot better than what she would normally do it. While shes busy, its time you explore that beautiful vagina she has and wants the most extreme attention.

Give it lite touches and play with it...... look at her eyes and use your peripherals on her hands. Are her eyes rolling back or her hands squeezing the sheets..... stop playing with her clitoris. She will beg for every muscle on that penis to stroke her inner organs. Keep teasing her while you enjoy yourself. But when you are ready, give her only half of what you have til her vagina starts to squeeze and her nails sink into your back. DO NOT STOP giving her those strokes. When she starts to cum, you give her everything you have at whatever speed you can offer. Put your hands around her neck but don't squeeze, tell her that vagina feels good and its all yours. Make her say " this pussy is yours ", now you officially own her at this very moment. Keep going and massage her body while you giving her those long strokes. Put some left over edible sweets in her mouth to keep her quiet while you squeeze her breast and enjoy them. When you feel her squeezing that penis again with that wet beautiful warm vagina, slow down and tell her to not cum. Get her attention and tell her not to cum, tell her " you want her to cum when your ready to cum or I'll stop giving you these good strokes! " Make sure you mash it real good at this point, she will focus hard not to cum and hold back..... when you're ready to cum, tell her to cum and enjoy yourself.

When the time comes, and you're half naked or just about ready to go to bed, tell her that you want to shower together. That you want to spend some time before you guys go to bed. So the plan is to light up the room with scented small candles and a glass of wine you two can share while a show you guys can care less about whats happening or just music playing. Something with R&B jams...... cables channels now offer that. Put it low so she doesn't ear it with the doors closed. Hop into the shower and the same rules apply. Find her sweet spots, create pressure, lick bite and kiss before you suck as she relaxes to it. No Intercourse in the showers. Try fingers in her ass in a teasing way. Do not go deep... save it for the room. She'll leave early and you'll catch. Give her time to put on something sexy if she wants to keep your eyes on her. If you think she wouldn't think about putting something on, then suggest it. Tell you this much, when she walks into the room........ its on. You might want to call off the next day and make her breakfast...... why when you did all the work? because you were role playing that you're the ruler and shes the mistress when really, shes still your queen and something so good deserves a good breakfast in bed.

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