The Train Ride... January 12 2016 3 Comments

The thirst was real yesterday.. What can I say? Do you ever wake up and just feel like you couldhump every wall you come in contact with? Yah, that was my predicament yesterday…. 

So I’ve been ‘bumbling’ for a week. Bumble is a dating app where you match with another person, but the woman has to message the man first (within 24 hours)., I’ve been talking to Nik, a half-black/half Filipino man for a few days. After careful contemplation, I decided I would drive 30 miles to see Nik, to get my cravings fulfilled. 

Let me preface. Nik was not worth the drive/the time/any effort. He was super attractive, fit, and charming… but his sex game was weak. I sucked him off for about 3 minutes; he violently came, and fell asleep.  I got dressed and left him sleeping. It was very apparent that I was not going to get what I needed from Nik and needed to take matters in to my own hands. I was horngry (horny & angry)… I was on a mission to get my needs fulfilled and had a long drive to contemplate my options.

I texted George.

George knows me, knows my body, and gives me exactly what I need when I need it. He was busy, but would be free later in the evening. George asked me whether I would be willing to swing with a few couples he arranged to see that evening, but I decided I wanted to be selfish about my pleasure. I wanted him to myself. In reality, I wanted many men, focused solely on my pleasure.
George texted me later in the evening, “Change of plans, you want to be selfish, and that’s what we will do…” “Pick you up and we will go to Hollywood.”

Thank the lordy, I need some good ole fashion fuckery. I put on some makeup, had my hair braided, and jumped into George’s car. We got to Evan’s apartment, and started the festivities immediately. George pulled out a bottle of vodka, and we drank and chatted for a bit. Once our bodies were amply warmed, George set the tone; he grabbed my tits from behind me, and nibbled my ear very obviously.

“That’s so hot,” Evan intervened. George and I moved to the couch, where I promptly began sucking him off. Evan joined us after a few minutes, sitting on the opposite end of the L shaped couch, stroking himself. I looked at him, and mischievously asked, “Are you just going to watch?

"No, not at all,” Evan responded. 

I was quickly put on my knees, and told to suck both of their cocks like a “good girl”. Evan being much more verbal than George had me following commands. “Do you like it rough?” Evan asked.
“Oh yes she does,” George interjected before I could take my mouth off of his cock. Evan grabbed my hair, and forcefully placed my mouth on his cock.
“Suck it like you mean it.” I gagged on his thick cock, letting my spit gather around his shaft. Personally, I love a little violence to a blowjob. When the tears start rolling down my eyes, I feel like I have accomplished some nice deep throating.
George entered me from behind…the further I would take Evan’s cock, the harder I would squirt, pushing George out.
“Do you like to be filled in all your holes like a dirty little slut?” Evan demanded. “Mmmmhmmm,” I groaned so deeply, as the squirt was flooding the floor. They both fucked me hard. My mouth was begging for a break when George stood up and told me to suck my juices off of him. I gladly obliged. My pussy was spent. I came so hard, for so long, I needed a break.

“Where do you want me to cum?” Evan asked.

“On my face!”

And promptly, both E and G came on my face, feeding me their gifts. They helped me get up, my poor wobbly knees covered in rug burns, but successfully satisfied. We took a quick break to recoup, before Evan brought out a black box full of S&M goodies. Oh, how I wanted to play with them! Crops, lube, vibrators, gag balls, you name it! I was in heaven. “Want to try anything darling?” Evan smiled naughtily.

“Um, yes!

I promptly was leashed, nipple clamps applied and a studded butt plug was carefully inserted into my ass. I was fucking full and sensations were running through my body. At first the nipple clamps were too tight, so we adjusted them before I lost complete feeling in my nips. The nipple clamps definitely aiding is some major stimulation. I could feel sensations in my massive tits I had never felt before. Coupled with the pressure of the butt plug my body felt tremendously aroused. As Evan used the leash to guide me to his cock, I felt the plug filling my tiny asshole in new ways. I concentrated on the hard, stiff cock in my mouth, and the clamps tightening around my nipples as George entered my dripping pussy.

I was fucking FILLED. And it felt incredible.

The moans that ripped through my body were intense, and probably could have woken the neighbors. Cumming around a butt plug feels like a completely different orgasm. Amazing.
This round didn’t take as long for the boys to enter orgasmic bliss. They were exceptionally turned on by my submission, and George and Evan came in me/in my mouth simultaneously (respectfully).



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