My New Motto... March 13 2016 1 Comment


I have a new motto: Test drive the car before you invest any time in to it!!!

And by car… I’m loosely referring to any man you decide to give any of your time to.

Fucking Brian.

He had the makings of being a good match. He was tall, bulky (my favorite type of build), dark skinned, light eyes and former football player. But, no. They can’t all be winners, and that’s when you start to appreciate the real mvp’s. ;)  Brian and I went on a few too many dates before he ever brought out his ‘kinky’ side. This probably should’ve been my first red flag. He didn’t even attempt to kiss me on the first evening, and by the second I almost begged to feel his energy. At some points he was just boring… but I liked something about him, so I was going to attempt the virginal act.

Although this doesn’t last long, by the third date, I had to beg to suck him off. I really wanted to get him going… But he was lame. Barely initiated anything. He did play with my pussy in the car, and had some finger skills. We drove off, and I still had to go home and play. Finally the night came for me to go to his place and fuck him. Holy moly, unpleasant could be an adequate word.  He ate me out; barely finger fucked me… and then decided to fuck me. He lasted approximately 3 minutes, before he pulled out and came.. Giving me no warning of his anticlimactic finish. He just lay there, like a dead fish, no longer capable of providing pleasure to me, or just about anything.

I took the hint, and decided to go home before I fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion. After a few days of silence on his part, I got a text saying… “I’m just not feeling this anymore.”

Don’t worry B… I barely felt you to begin with. 

…..oopsy. Is that too harsh?



Have you been in a similar scenario? 
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