...The Addiction Began April 25 2016

Straight dick whipped.

Bahre and I met online… how else do people meet nowadays?

He is black and Jewish… My dreams instantly came true. I was sold before I ever saw his massive, thick, (did I mention massive?) cock.

Fast forward through all the chemistry that was quickly established, I asked him to marry me after the first fuck session…. I wish I were lying. 

His cock, appropriately named ‘mojo’, could literally destroy an unsuspecting victim. I mean it.

We’ve fucked a few times, so I can say with quite some certainty I am whipped. Let me define: I want his cock, his cock only, and I want it all the time. Addiction is quite possibly is the most accurate way to define whipped.

The first time we fucked, we met at a hotel on my way to work…. that way I could spend the afternoon with him, and subsequently go to my afternoon appointments. Let’s just say I called in sick to work that afternoon. 

I drove to the hotel, in sheer anticipation. This guy had sent me a photo of his mojo, and I was anxious about whether I would be able to handle it. It was by far the longest, thickest member I had seen in photographs, and I was unsure of my capacity.

I had the room number, and instructions to meet him there with lube, a toy, and myself. He greeted me naked; his strong chiseled body intimidated me even further. He went to freshen up before we got down to business. I rarely feel out of my league, but those 10 minutes of his shower time, I was debating running quickly out of there.. Our ‘business meeting’ was successful, to say the least. I came and came and soaked the sheets so thoroughly that we needed to order new ones.

We arranged to meet two days later, when I would have more time to explore my body, and his.

I let my kitty rest; I knew I would need it. This was a new kind of animal, and I was thoroughly overwhelmed.

I was given new instructions: Wear a jacket, no panties, no bra, and my most slutty shoes.  

It was a freezing night in Los Angeles. I walked up the steps to his studio, freezing. My pussy could not even process what was going on. Would someone see me half nude, strutting around like a whore? At that point, I didn’t give a shit. My main objective was getting in to a warm room.

As I entered, Bahre greeted me naked, again.

Why does he do this to me?

“I’ve been waiting for you, beautiful” he snickered, clearly noticing my uneasiness.

“Did I tell you how sexy you are,” he lifted my chin and kissed me roughly.

Anxiety melted, and I was quickly in the mood.

“Let me see you,” he commanded as he unzipped my jacket.

It fell to the floor, and my tits were abruptly placed in his mouth, nipples attacked by his teeth.

“Go to the bathroom, I want you to see yourself being used as my slut.”

I walked in my heels to the bathroom, and followed instructions to bend over, across the ledge of the sink.

“mmmm, baby, you’re already creamy for me,” B. exclaimed before he licked his way over my butt cheeks.

“Fuck, I am going to take you with my tongue, and this cream better drip by the time I reach your warm cunt.”

He spread my fat ass, and swirled his tongue around my tight asshole, licking gently, before penetrating my rear hole with greediness.

By the time his tongue reached my pussy, I was already quivering in my heels, mounted over his marble ledge.

“Yummy. Turn around, I want you to watch yourself suck my cock in this mirror,” He pointed to the adjacent mirror.  

I squatted down, engulfing mojo with my lips.

First, I took him just with my mouth, but this cock needs more than some fancy tongue action. I wrapped my left hand around his shaft, as my mouth went up and down his girth. He controlled my head with his hands, and guided me further down his length.

I wrapped his cock in my spit, and gagged further down his shaft, listening to him turning me on.

“Take all of me, you nasty slut, my fucking whore.”

For lack of better words, I was dripping, eager to be filled with his cock.

He turned me over, laid me hard against the counter, and spread my ass to slowly enter me.

As I watched in the mirror, his cock filled my throbbing kitty. I couldn’t help but let out a large gasp, adjusting to his girth.

He pulled my hair, and told me to take it like a dirty little slut.

Something about the sheer savagery of the moment made me cum harder than a fire hydrant. He released his cock from my pussy, and my juices spilled all over his wood floor.

“Good girl” he panted. “Turn around.”

By the time we were done in front of the mirrors/ on the sink, the mirrors were fogged, and a large puddle formed on the floor.

“Go rehydrate, and meet me in the bed.”

I drank some water, dripping in sweat and juices, and met him in bed.

He put a black cock ring around mojo, and he was throbbing even harder than before.

Ravenous for more, his tongue quickly met mine. He pinned my arms above me, and seemingly grew harder between my shaky legs.

“This is what you need, don’t you?”

“Doesn’t daddy give you everything you want…..”

“You’re going to bring this sweet juicy pussy to me whenever I want it, aren’t you my dirty slut….”

His dirty talk was driving me mad. I convulsed around his cock more than I thought possible.

The sheets were sufficiently soaked, and my pussy was sore.

“T.O., T.O.” I huffed.


“TIME fucking OUT.”

My pussy needed a break.  That naughty grin reemerged on B.’s face, but quickly turned to contemplation.

“How would you feel if I shoved my fingers in your butt until your pussy is relaxed?”

“Sure, please just be gentle.”

His tongue met mine, as he inserted his lube soaked fingers into my puckered asshole.

I relaxed under his touch, and before I knew it, his rock hard member was back in my tender pussy.

As he unleashed himself into me, squirt gushed from my pussy covering the last dry spot on the sheets.

We were both soaking in juices, sweat and gasping for air.

He pulled himself off of me and fed me the remainder of his cum.

….. and this is how the addiction began.


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