Romantic and Sexy Gifts for Your Partner for Valentines Day February 02 2016

With Valentines day fast approaching I’m sure you will be browsing the shops and internet to find that perfect gift for your loved one. Well, look no further, I intend to cover every romantic and filthy gesture and product you will need.

So, lets start with the more romantic gifts. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word romance? Flickering candle light? Rose petals sprayed throughout the room? Champagne for two? Chocolate covered strawberry’s? Yes, we all love the sound of that don’t we? Well, look no further than Forbidden Luxury’s Romance Concierge packages. If you don’t have the time or the patience to create the perfect scene, let Forbidden Luxury do it for you. Leave the detail to them, sit back, and relax with your partner on Valentine’s day while you indulge in the romance, and each other. So, why not treat him or her to a romantic Valentines night that’s sure to be appreciated.

Another romantic gesture and a great valentines treat is a sensual massage. We all love the sensation of being oiled up and having those stressful knots kneaded away, so why not try the DONA Be Romanced Gift Set? Give that hard working man or woman in your life a well deserved rub down with an aroma to suit the mood you want to create, be it Flirty (Blushing Berry), Sassy (Tropical Tease), or Naughty (Sinful Spring).



A treat for her, or you? Either way you can’t go wrong.

Whether your partner be a sexy robe wearing minx or a fishnet stocking vixen, Forbidden Luxury’s Lingerie Collection will cover it. With sizes ranging from small to plus size, and lingerie covering everything from classy and elegant to down right naughty, you are bound to find something for that special lady. But wait a minute, what about the guys? Don’t worry ladies, there’s something for your hunk too. Is he an animal in the bedroom? Then the Male Power loincloth is for you. And what about for the kinky bad boys out there who just love the feel of leather against his skin? We’ve got him covered too, no pun intended. The Rapture Male Leather Shorts are bound to put a smile on his face, and yours too for that matter. Or if your man likes to tease you with his package and leave more to the imagination, there’s always the snug fitting Apollo Mesh Briefs or Jock with removable c-ring.

Toys for Her

From the classic rabbit, to the dominatrix’s weapons of discipline, Forbidden Luxury has it all.

Why not pick up the new breed of rabbit for that naughty lady of yours and present her with the Blush G Rabbit Vibrator? This bad boy offers seven vibrating functions, three speed multi-directional beads, and a perfectly curved head to hit that oh so sweet g-spot. And for the kinkier of your naughty girls out there why not try the Fifty Shades range of products. You can pick up anything from hand cuffs and fetish feathers to bondage kits and gags.

Toys for Him

Not so much a toy, but a gift that’s sure to get his mind running at one hundred miles an hour is lubrication. With a wide variety on the market these days you can pick up lube that heats, is flavoured, and get this, a lube that helps your man maintain an erection. Just picture his face when you hand him one of those. You just know what he’s thinking don’t you? Flavored, oh yes ladies he’s picturing you down on your knees. Heat, well that’s got to conjure up a picture of friction in his head hasn’t it? And what might the scenario in his head be when you hand him the Endless Love for Men, Stay Hard and Prolong Lube? I’ll let you figure that one out.

Another AMAZING gift for your man is The Hitachi Magic Wand with the XGen Body Wand Stroker Attachment. Now this baby will blow your mans mind! Orgasm guaranteed, and I’ve seen the effects first hand ladies. If you think you’ve seen your man climax, think again. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a must have for any relationship. It comes with various attachments for men and women, and is one of the most intense feelings you will experience with a toy. This is a MUST for your chest of naughty toys.


Now what would Valentines Day be without a saucy book to read? There are plenty out there, and good ones too, but there’s only one I’m going to brag about and that’s mine. The Architect by C.A.Bell is a BDSM erotic romance that is sure to leave you reading one handed and wanting more. For more info check out my author page

Valentine's Day Collection

If you're still unsure as to what to get your significant other, don't worry, Forbidden Luxury always makes it easier for you. Click here for the Valentines Day Collection


Have a fantastically naughty Valentines Day!