Ivy Joins The Quad February 29 2016

The evening started off with some wine and light conversation. I always do the talking for George and I. Eventually Aaron turned on some porn, and the mood changed dramatically. We all undressed, and moved toward the mattress in the middle of the room. I could not wait to have Jades luscious tits in my mouth. She straddled my body, and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths before she let her tongue dance down to my clit. She was very skilled in using her tongue, and knew just how to get me to arch my back in sheer pleasure.

Aaron and George lay back to watch us going at it, occasionally letting us know how hot we looked giving each other pleasure. Jade enjoys wearing a strap on when she plays with females, and last night was no exception. She was very eager to fuck me with the big white strap on that was lying in the corner. As she put on the device, she asked me if I wanted to touch it.

Of course I did.

“Do you like my big cock?” Jade asked.

“oh yes, I want to feel you fuck me,” I responded

She wrapped a magnum around the cock, and told me she would go gentle. She slowly placed the head of her cock in my opening, guiding it with her hand. I could feel my pussy being nicely filled, as her tits covered my face. Nothing will ever replace a man fucking the daylights out of you. But a sexy woman fucking you is still incredible. Her luscious body on mine, filling my hole just the way I like it. After I came, it was her time to receive pleasure. We took off the condom and set the toy down while I went to down her.

Her pussy was wet, and she smelled like sweet sex. I let my tongue talk to her clit, and slowly inserted two fingers in her. George took me from behind, allowing my pussy not to have a break, while I adequately added moisture to Jade’s tight pussy. Once she was ready to take cock I put on a new condom, and put on the strap on. I have never fucked a woman using a strap-on so I had to warn her that I might not be the best fuck. She wasn’t worried. I straddled her, and inserted my newly anointed cock into her. I flicked her clit with one of my fingers, while my mouth found hers. Her moans filled the air, and George and Aaron were entranced.


“Do you like me filling up your tight hole?” I asked.

“Take me from behind,” Jade moaned.

“Whatever your heart desires baby.”

She flipped on her back, and I spread her cheeks before putting myself deep in to her.

Aaron interjected,  “ladies, we have two very able cocks for you when you are ready.”

Jade and I giggled, after almost forgetting the two men who excitedly sat on the sidelines. I removed the strap on, watching George fucking Jade and Aaron feeding her his cock. The room became progressively warmer.

Jade called me over. "Come join us."

Jade and I positioned ourselves doggie style, allowing our partners to enter us from behind while we continued to give each other sloppy kisses. Aaron pulled my hair, and fucked me hard from behind while commanding me to suck Jade's nipple. Aaron came in me quickly, but got back in the action even quicker. I was fucking full.

The pressure of the butt plug was tremendous. As Evan used the leash to guide me to his cock, I felt the plug filling my asshole in new ways. I concentrated on the hard, stiff cock in my mouth as George entered my dripping pussy. I was fucking FILLED. And it felt amazing. The moans that ripped through my body were intense, and probably could have awoken the neighbors.

Cumming around a butt plug feels like a completely different orgasm. Amazing

This round didn’t take as long for the boys to finish. They were exceptionally turned on by my submission, and George and Evan came in me/in my mouth simultaneously.


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