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Shopping for the perfect pleasure products... October 16 2016

Don’t go into your search completely blind. There are a lot of different types of pleasure products, materials, features, and functions out there – and you can learn in advance with the world wide web. Know what you’re looking for and what you are not. Here are some common pleasure products and the different materials:

  • Vibrators – Vibrating toys that can come in various sizes and shapes with different bumps, ridges, or grooves to enhance your pleasure. There are also combination vibrators (like rabbits) that do clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal vibration, or even bring anal vibration into the mix. These toys are battery operated or rechargeable and usually have speed control and different patterns. Not all vibrators are created equal: some are weak, cheap, light, and buzzy – while others are powerful, strong, and rumbly.
  • Dildos – Non-vibrating toys that are primarily for insertion, vaginally or anally. Some are simple and sleek, while others are as realistic as a fake penis can get (sometimes even with balls). They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and can be made from a variety of materials. The most popular is silicone, but there is also plastic, metal, aluminum, ceramic, and others. There are also jelly, latex, rubber, PVC, TPR, and TPE toys – but these are porous and sometimes toxic, so not recommended.

Side note on body-safe materials: Cheaper toys are often made of jelly and the above latter-mentioned materials. These are often dangerous because of the phthalates and other chemicals used in the process of making the jelly/rubber/ PVC toy. These chemicals can cause immediate irritation, rashes, and discomfort – but also have long-term health effects. Usually, any cheap toy that is made of a soft, jelly-like material is a huge no-no. Silicone is by far the best for most folks, and plastic, metal, aluminum, and ceramic are great alternatives.

  • Beads and ballsBen Wa Balls or vibrating eggs are used to strengthen your kegel muscles for stronger orgasms, and sometimes give a feeling of fullness with gentle stimulation. Ben Wa Balls can be loose or have strings at the end for easier removal after being inserted into the vagina. Similarly, anal beads are inserted into (take a guess) the anus slowly and removed for stimulation, particularly during orgasm.
  • Rechargeable vs. Battery operated – Anything that vibrates needs energy. Some vibrators will need batteries or some are completely rechargeable! The rechargeable ones sit on a charging base or have a port that plugs into your wall or USB. Rechargeable vibrator are more expensive but well worth the money. They last much longer, tend to be higher quality, and will end up paying for itself in recharging versus buying batteries.


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Sex Toy Cleaning & Material Information Guide July 25 2016

It’s here! A one-stop spot for all the information you need on the care and cleaning of vibrators, dildos, masturbators, butt plugs and other sex toys. All sex toy materials are not created equal, so your care for them shouldn’t be either. Cleaning a sex toy properly is very important for your health and safety, as well as the longevity of your items. Please also be aware that when it comes to the safety of non-fluid-bonded partners, you should only ever share sex toys that can be sanitized OR if not, sex toys that are covered in a condom. In the sex toy material guide below, you’ll see a lot of mentions of porous vs. non-porous. Non-porous sex toys are the only ones that can be safelyshared (without the need for a condom barrier). There are some issues floating around with being able to kill off  / sanitize items when one user is sharing with a partner and they are infected with Hepatitis.

A note on using a condom with a sex toy: Make sure to buy non-lubricated condoms, or condoms that specifically say that they use water-based lube. Most condoms that are lubricated use a silicone lube, and it is usually a cheap one. These will most likely have a reaction with a silicone toy. For silicone or hard materials, you can use a latex condom if you don’t have latex allergies. For porous materials it is probably best to use polyurethane condoms – many porous materials have oil in the material as a softener, and oil is not compatible with latex! 

Prior to Use:

Before you dive in, take a minute to visually inspect the toy. Make sure there’s no cracks that could injure delicate tissue or harbor bacteria. Turn it on and make sure the batteries are strong or the charge is recent – there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a jerk-off session to have your favorite vibrator die out. Make sure there’s no visible stains or pet fur. Sniff it, lick it if it is not 100% pure silicone – if something seems off, you’ll know, and I would recommend that you get rid of the sex toy.

Cleaning Methods:

I’ll go through each type of toy/material to let you know which method can be used, but here’s the detailed run-down:

Sanitizing:  You can only sanitize a non-porous material. I don’t care what the Passion Parties or Pure Romance person told you, that over-priced bottle of “antibacterial toy cleaner” is worthless. The only time you would really need something like that is if you’re at a play party and sharing sex toys, and you need to sanitize a non-porous toy in between people. You can also just cover it with a condom for that purpose. Often, these antibacterial toy cleaner sprays are sold to make the cheap, porous materials seem okay. But there is absolutely no way to kill the bacteria and fungus that can quickly make a home in the pores of the sex toy. You can clean the outside of the toy but you’re never able to fully clean past the absolute surface. However for materials like silicone, ABS plastic, metal, ceramic and wood you can always use a quick dip in 10% bleach solution. Rinse it well after! Some glass, metal and silicone plugs/dildos can be boiled for 3-5 minutes, or run through the dishwasher *by themselves* with no detergent or other dishes on the Sanitize cycle (if you don’t have a Sanitize setting on the dishwasher, then it’s pointless).  On metal, plastic, glass, wood and most silicone (check with manufacturer to be certain) you can wipe it down with rubbing alcohol.

Quick Clean: If you’ve got non-porous toys and you do not currently have a yeast infection or bacterial infection then a quick wash with regular hand soap and water to clean lube and fluids off the toy is fine if you’re not sharing the toy. Butt toys should get some time with boiling water just to keep butt-scent at bay.

Water rinse only: This only applies to Fleshlight masturbators


Cleaning a vibrator is pretty basic – you use the wipe down method. Obviously since it has a motor you shouldn’t do any boiling/dishwasher methods (no matter what Cosmo erroneously tells you). A lot of vibrators are going to have cracks & crevices either where different materials meet (say it’s part plastic and part silicone) or where two parts of the toy meet (battery cover, charging ports) OR just because it’s a “texture thing”. These crevices and ridges and similar spots require special attention to detail when you are cleaning. I recommend using a really old and soft toothbrush  – or your fingernail used in conjunction with a toy wipe. Silicone and ABS plastic vibrators are non-porous and can be sanitized. Vibrators made from all other soft materials are porous and can never truly be clean – refer to the material specifics below for more details.


Pure silicone can be fully sanitized and is non-porous. You can use any cleaning method you wish. Items that are clear and look like jelly (or candy) are never going to be silicone. Clear silicone is usually a cloudy-clear, never crystal clear. Manufacturers rely on consumers taking their word for it, and will use the term silicone when there may not even be any silicone present. They will use terms that imply a “blend“, sometimes, which is a false statement.  

How to Clean your Silicone Sex Toy: 

You have a lot of options here. Just how thorough you clean depends on the item. If it’s meant for anal play, consider giving it a good boil every few uses if possible. While silicone is considered non-porous, it’s actually microporous and can hang on to odors. If it’s a vibrator and not covered 100% by a silicone skin, then you need to pay special attention to the groove between the silicone portion and the plastic portion, around the buttons, etc. Really examine the design. If fluids can get trapped, then bacteria can grow on the surface. If you share your toys, then you’ll want to consider the cleaning options that sanitize, like boiling for dildos and plugs or 10% bleach solution rinse or alcohol wipe down (unless the manufacturer prohibits it). Vixen, maker of awesome dildos and creator of dual-density Vixskin, kindly tested their items for me with rubbing alcohol. Even a day-long soak in the rubbing alcohol didn’t do a thing to the material. However I have seen other manufacturers specifically warn against it, these are usually the type of silicone vibrators that have a silky-soft feeling and don’t attract dust and fur. Always make sure to read the box/user manual before you clean your sex toy!

A simple soap-and-water wash up in the sink can really be good enough for many people, many toys. It’s really all I do, and all I need to do. 


Silicone toys and lube:

Most people and stores will stress that you must always use water-based lube with true silicone sex toys. For the most part when it comes to mass-produced silicone sex toys and lower quality silicone lubricants you should probably avoid mixing the two. Ultra-premium / platinum silicone can be combined with certain high-quality silicone lubricants.  If there is going to be an interaction, it will occur quickly – the lube and the surface of the toy will get gummy/sticky. Doing a patch test with a small amount will allow you to scrape of the gummied lube with your fingernail. Since like silicone bonds with like, try to get a silicone lube with as few ingredients (and therefore, types of silicone) as possible. 

Please also note that it is a MYTH that you cannot store silicone sex toys near/touching each other, or they will “melt”. This myth stems from the time when manufacturers were more likely to use the word silicone but the toy was anything but–likely TPR/TPE/Jelly. Those toys WILL melt when they touch in storage, as the material breaks down and releases the softening oils. I personally have a drawer-full of sex toys (all silicone, glass, wood) jumbled together and nothing bad has happened. I even created a controlled environment similar to my toxic jar, and had silicone sex toy pieces live in a jar in a hot room for months. Nothing happened! 

Glass, Ceramic, Wood:

These are generally considered to be non-porous, so you would use the wipe-down method for most circumstances. Glass and ceramic toys should be examined every time you use them for cracks or chips; if found, replace the toy immediately. 

How to Clean Your Glass Dildo or Plug:

To be on the safe side, I wouldn’t expose ceramic or glass to the high temps of boiling water or a dishwasher – you just never know and you’d be really sad to ruin a good toy. Most glass toys would be fine in boiling water or the dishwasher, but please keep in mind that the glass used in sex toys holds onto temperature really well, so it will be extremely hot for a little while. Best practice for boiling would be to include a small hand towel in the pot to prevent the glass dildo from cracking up against the side of the pot. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, though, before putting these though the extreme temps of boiling water or dishwasher. While borosillicate glass is better at withstanding temperature changes and the high heat of a dishwasher or boiling water, soda lime glass may not be. A 10% bleach rinse should be fine for these, as would a simple soap and water wash if you have no reason to sanitize.

Glass, Ceramic, Wood and lube:

Glass and Ceramic: Use water- or silicone-based or even oil if you like, but you’ll likely find out you don’t need as much as you would with a silicone toy.  Wood: Smaller crafters who use untested sealants, especially natural ones, don’t often know what lubricants are/are not compatible.  Tread with caution, and ask them first! If they agree something is compatible and it is not, it would be easier to get them to re-finish the dildo then.


Yet another non-porous material, so you can use any cleaning method. I’d say feel free to boil (place a dishtowel in the pot with it, metal against metal in a rolling boil could cause damage to the surface) and dishwasher top rack. I’ve done the dishwasher trick. Just uh… careful, yeah? Metal has amazing temperature-retaining properties. Let it cool down! Never use anything abrasive to clean your toy and when traveling be sure to keep it in a storage pouch.  You should only use medical grade Stainless Steel, or aluminum. Njoy brand is a true medical/surgical grade stainless steel. Quality Stainless Steel shouldn’t have any pits or rough patches on the surface, won’t have a perfect mirror-like finish like chrome does, and is usually not magnetic. Please be aware that your chances of getting a counterfeit sex toy from places like Amazon and Ebay is very high. If you want this brand, and you want to be sure you’re getting a toy made of quality, medical grade stainless steel with no safety concerns, then buy it from a trusted website like Forbidden Luxury.

Metal and lube:

Use water- or silicone-based or even oil, but you’ll likely find out you don’t need as much as you would with a silicone toy.

Hard Plastic:

ABS plastic is non-toxic and non-porous. It’s used a lot in sex toys for the handle or even the entire object. Sometimes you will see it listed as having a PU coat – this means polyurethane. So far I have not seen the PU coat peel or chip. No boiling here! Use the wipe-down method or soap and water. Shiny ABS plastic can handle rubbing alcohol, PU coated might not. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if they have any. The only problematic hard plastic toys are those coated in a metallic paint – this will chip off!

Plastic and lube:

Any type of lube is safe for these.


These sex toys live in a weird zone of sex toy safety – they’ve all proven to be phthalates-free and non-toxic, but mostly they are porous.  All thermoplastics once started out as a hard plastic, and have to be softened.  Many thermoplastics seem to use mineral oil or a similar substance as the plasticizer (plastic softening agent). This is still a very unstable material, and will break down over time. If you have an allergy to mineral oil, you very well might have a reaction to TPR type sex toys.

How to Clean TPR:

I can’t stress this enough: unless labeled otherwise, TPR is porous. Porous toys can give you yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, expose your vagina/anus to harsh chemicals or mold, and more. There is no cleaning method that will ever sanitize these or make them safe. Since these toys cannot be sanitized, a simple soap and water wash is the best you can do. Products sold as anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner will not help you here – these products can only ever clean the surface but bacteria, mildew and more is making a home in the pores. Despite what some sex toy shops and home sex toy party companies will tell you, sex toy cleaner is largely a gimmick when used on porous materials like these. Condoms can be used if you must, but they are not a promise. Only use polyurethane type condoms (since there are oils in these materials, and oil degrades latex, theory is that latex condoms would be kinda useless). The condom should cover 100% of the toy, ideally, to be useful as a barrier against what’s hiding in the pores.

Non-porous TPR or TPE:

As the name implies, this is the “medical grade” version of TPR and is non-porous. Not all TPR though is non-porous – if a dodgy company such as CalExotics or Doc Johnson claim that all their TPR toys are non-porous, I’d approach with caution and assume that they’re not. I simply don’t have faith that those companies are being truthful (and they’re not the only ones, I’d add Pipedream, Topco and a few others to the list) so better safe than sorry. Some manufacturers will use “food-grade non-porous TPE” (like Nomi Tang) which is usually a harder material. The more solid a TPR/TPE is, the less porous it will be.


Thermoplastic Rubber or Thermoplastic Elastomer. This version IS porous, but it’s still a better material to choose over jelly/rubber as it usually has less or no chemical smell to it and is a somewhat higher quality material than jelly/rubber. I don’t recommend keeping these sex toys longer than 6 months if used for insertion. Make sure they are 100% dry before storing them in a dark drawer. Keep a very close eye on the toy for color changes, black spots (indicates mold/mildew) and foul odors. If any of that is found, toss and replace. TPR sex toys cannot be sanitized and can only be cleaned on the surface – the pores will hang on to bacteria, mildew, and harsh chemicals from cleaning agents. Sex toy cleaning sprays, washes and wipes are useless because these only clean the surface! If you ever experience itching or burning while using the toy or after using a toy, get rid of it immediately and replace it with silicone. 

Thermoplastics and Lube:

Oil lubes are a VERY bad idea with these, but water-based, silicone/water bybrids and silicone-based should all be fine.

Realistic Materials:

These are made to feel like real skin, but also usually have a terrible odor. They can go by names such as CyberskinTM, UR3, FuturoticTM, NeoSkin®, Soft TouchTM, UltraSkin, and FauxskinTM and are frequently used for both male toys such as cock rings and masturbation sleeves, and dildos/vibrators. This material is really porous and shouldn’t be shared unless the toy is donned with a condom (polyurethane condoms only). Cleaning is best left to a simple, gentle soap and water method followed by a dusting with cornstarch. Make sure these are 100% dry before you store them, as they can mildew. DO NOT clean these sex toys with harsh chemicals – the chemicals can stay in the pores of the material and will then be in contact with the delicate tissue of the vagina or anus – not good!! This class of “material” isn’t really a material but more of a description, and should not be considered safe for everyone. I’ve seen them made from PVC, TPR, Rubber, and so on. Many realistic toys also use paint to add color to veins and heads and it does come off…another red flag in toy safety. 


It’s a realistic material as well but Fleshlight states on their site and in their manuals to never, ever use soap. Just the rinse method please! Make sure these are 100% dry before you store them, as they can mildew. If you need something stronger than water then you can use rubbing alcohol to clean your Fleshlight, but if a lingering odor remains then you should consider replacing it for your health. Also inspect the inside and outside of your Fleshlight material for black spots which means mildew – this can only be cleaned from the surface, but the fungal spores still lives in the pores. It’s no longer safe to use and should be replaced.

Realistic Materials and Lube:

Use only water-based with these. Silicone and oil-based lubes will break the material down. 


Rechargeable vibrators that have the ability to “lock” should always be locked. I can’t tell you how many times a vibrator has turned on because something else bumped the switch and I pull out a dead toy.



What's The Benefit Of Glass Over Other Materials May 02 2016

Besides being pretty AF? Sooo many things!  I’m still shocked that even after everybody and their mom’s hopped on the coconut oil train, that they haven’t boarded with a first class ticket on the glaaaasssssss express.  I think it’s because everybody JUST doesn’t know all the amazing benefits, and probably because there isn’t a buzzfeed video on that yet.  

A lot of people don’t think twice on the materials of toys. Partially because they don’t realize that the sex toy industry isn’t regulated and MAINLY because many toy companies spent that extra 2 cents to put “BODY SAFE” on their packaging. 

I usually put an array of dongs in front of a person and just tell them to smell it.  The cheap Jelly toys have a pungent smell (That's why Forbidden Luxury, doesn't sell them), that it makes things a lot easier to tell a person that if they feel comfortable putting a toy that smells like a barbie in their cooch then, cool no big deal.  But, for the others that do get concerned, it’s an eye opener.  It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that certain materials if it has a softer jelly material it’s flexible and expands.  This flexibility allows it to move and bend around like a slinkie with a “pore” like exterior.  Those mini folds, pores and rolls open up like “HAYYYYY BACTERIA, move in! it’s nice in here!”  These porous toys hinder bacteria that can cause irritation and spread STI’s if you are sharing and is just plain not clean and gross.  Let’s not even go over how we don’t even know what the hell is in the materials they make some of those toys with.

I’m like a level 12 Doctor aka I’ve watched all 11 and now going on 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. So, I have this imagination that tells me that everything that isn’t hygienic is going to give me cancer or lead to a plane crash.  I know that is a little extreme, but it’s my body and if I don’t take care of it, who will? 

Benefit #1:  If Sex Toys had an OCD friend, it would be Glass Toys. Super Hygienic.

  • No funky smells from the materials.  You won’t feel like a barbie is going inside you.
  • You won’t have allergic reactions to certain types of materials since we have no clue what they make some of those toys with.
  • You won’t have to  do the bothersome chore on having to put a condom on it if it isn’t compatible with your body, lube, etc etc.
  • It isn’t porous so the hidden bacteria that you can’t see,  will not be camping out in there. #nosquatters

Benefit #2: You can use any Lubricant you want!

This is probably my favorite feature for glass toys.

  • I love using silicone lubricants since it stays on longer without having to reapply and it feels nice on the skin. With most toys, silicone lube isn’t compatible and has a tendency to break materials down. So, BIG YES! You can use glass with silicone lube.

Benefit #3: The cleanup is the best part!

  • Probably one of the easier toys to clean because of the smooth surface!
  • You can sterilize the toy by doing the boiling water method, a bleach solution,  or You can also just drop it in the dishwater, if you so desire.
  • You can use just regular toy cleaner and have the reassuring feeling that you cleaned your toy and since isn’t a porous toy, you got it cleaned up real good in comparison to the other toys out there.
  • Sharing is Caring. If you choose to share toys, your cleanup sanitizing routine will keep it cleaner than other type of materials. You’ll have toys so “spic ‘n span”, shiny clean that you minimize your chances of transferring germs, bacteria and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Benefit #4:  Temperature sensitive.

  • If you love cold temperature play. You can cool it down with a bowl of cold water and ice.  OR! You can shove that glass toy in the freezer for a bit.
  • Or maybe you make like it hot! I’m a human chihuahua and love that glass toys heat up fairly quickly to the temperature of my body so i’m not shivering away in bed with a sex toy.  So, if you want you can do the bowl of water trick as well but with warm water.  
***TIP:  One of my favorite customers, recommended putting a bowl of silicone lube in the microwave for a few seconds and dunking your glass toy in it.  *warm and cozy*  I personally haven’t tried that but they also seem to have an over abundance of lube handy as well that I don’t have haha. ***

    Benefit #5:  DUNK it and do some Water Play!

    • There is only like 1 % of glass toys that vibrate but majority of them are just plain glass with no electronic stuff.  Which means great for Water play! You can dunk them, you can go into a jacuzzi without the fear of frying your toy, you can do nuru massages with it.


    I get that people are like “WHOA, that’s glass, it’s hard, won’t that hurt?” well, dicks get really hard sometimes too so it’s kinda the same thing. I Love recommending just sliding the toy over skin and that feels great too.

    I also, get that people are afraid of toys breaking. These toys are made from a strong glass similar to Pyrex cookware.  So, it really takes a lot for it to shatter.  I’m not saying drop it on a hard surface but you really have to bang it around to break it.

    Glass toys aren’t all vibrate-y and have crazy gas powered motors but you’d be surprised about how a simple glass toy might turn out to be one of your favorites. Since, there are many glass toy companies popping up everywhere, the prices have dropped tremendously and you can get a glass toy for decent prices now. 

    Glass toys are just another great addition for a  sex toy collection. 



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    Pleasure Product Review: Dickalicious January 19 2016

    This weekend my new “boyfriend” and I started with our normal foreplay activity.. heavy kissing. Our kissing was extremely intense and heavy, even while being fully clothed. I took his hand and slid it under my jogging pants, so he could feel the wetness of my pussy. Wearing no panties, he immediately hardened underneath me. As I walked from the living room to his bedroom, I dropped my clothes along the way.  

    I laid on the bed, naked, with my legs spread wide so that my bf could get a good view as he entered the room.  
    He came into the bedroom, and the biggest mischievous smirk painted his face. He promptly put his head right were it belongs, and licked generously at my dripping pussy.  Clitoral orgasms are hard to cum by in my books, but my man had the technique down. With a lot of attention to my clit, and a finger in my bum, he made my pussy explode right into his mouth. My body shook in extreme pleasure, and small vibrations raced through my body. As I was just starting to settle, my man went down to my sopping hole, and licked it clean.

    I couldn’t resist the urge to return the favor. I pulled him in close, and kissed him passionately. I licked my sweetness off of his lips, and told him I loved how I tasted in his mouth.

    It was time to introduce one of my favorite lubes in to the bedroom.
    Let’s talk lubes for a minute:
    We all know you have many options when choosing which to introduce into the bedroom. But let me tell you about my favorite: Dickalicious.

    I had a stash of piña colada Dickalicious on hand, and pulled his shorts of to focus on his cock. I squeezed a dime amount in to my right hand and proceed to rub it up and down his hard shaft. A little bit of Dickalicious goes a long way, and slowly warmed up and started to deliver its magic. He had no clue what was in store for his evening. As his cock was heating up, his moans increased, and he visibly needed more. When he asked me what I was doing to him, I responded “don’t worry about it, just sit back and relax.”  As his eyes closed, I engulfed his hard warm dick with my mouth.

    Dickilicious, unlike most lubes, has a decent flavor. It is a combination of a menthol flavor, with a cough syrup after taste…  but it doesn’t make you want to gag immediately.. that’s for sure.

    As my mouth continued to deliver added pleasure to the heat delivered from the lube, I took out his cock for brief moments to blow some cool air onto the tip.

    The cool air intensified the warming of the lube, and drove him insane. After a pretty lengthy oral sex session, it was time to get both of us off again.

    I straddled his hard cock and felt the instant warming around my own pussy. As the heat spread, it felt so good, relaxing and pleasurable. After some friction, the warmth wore off, and I added a few more drops to his cock to reinvigorate the feeling. It was a little too warm this time, seeing as how I didn’t blow him before reinsertion. Some heat play is always a fun introduction into the sac, and if you and your partner want to experience dual pleasure from a product, this is a good go to product. This tube is sold in 2 oz bottles and can be found on  for about $8.00.

    Pleasure Product Review: Screaming O Vibrating Lip Balm December 28 2015 4 Comments

    The Screaming O Balm Stick “Chapstick Vibrator”, made by Screaming O, is a small, mini vibrator that’s disguised as a lip balm. Made of plastic and using replaceable AG13 batteries, this little vibrator is meant to look as discreet as possible. Only featuring one speed, though, this little vibrator also includes a soft-sleeved head (under where the cap is) that’s made from SEBS silicone which is like a low-grade, hybrid mixture of silicone (though I’m extremely impressed that The Screaming O clearly states that it’s SEBS silicone.)

    The packaging for this vibrator is pretty minimalistic, and it reminds me of the regular packaging for most lip balms. It talks about the features of the vibrator as well as the fact that it’s a “cherry-flavored” lip balm. It has some basic details about the vibrator itself on the packaging. The packaging pretty much has to be destroyed to get the vibrator out, though, so don’t expect to use the packaging for storage. As it’s an odd shape, the packaging really won’t work to be wrapped up in gift wrap for gift-giving, either, unless you stick it in another box first.

    This vibrator is actually a realistic-esque-looking chapstick tube. It’s not 100% passable because the outside of the tube says “Screaming O” and “Cherry Bomb Vibe”. So if somebody decides to read the chapstick tube, your cover will be blown. This vibrator is the same size as a regular tube of chapstick, and it even has the removable plastic “lid” that chapstick has. Inside the lid there’s the SEBS silicone soft portion, and you can use that softer portion up against your body when using the vibrator.

    The Screaming O Balm Stick "Chapstick Vibrator" packaging

    This vibrator requires AG13 batteries. This are some odd batteries to try and find. Some sex toy stores will sell the “Screaming O Replacement Batteries” set to make it easier to replace the batteries on your Screaming O sex toys, but I’m a bit annoyed that Screaming O couldn’t have chosen to use an easier-to-get-ahold-of battery type for their sex toys. However, the batteries are pretty easy to change out. There’s a setting on the base of the vibrator that says “Open”, and all you have to do is open the compartment and put in the new batteries. There will be a cardboard piece inside this chamber for your first use, so you’ll have to remove that sleeve before it will vibrate like it’s supposed to.

    To control this vibrator, it’s like a traditional pocket rocket. The base on the bottom can be twisted. There’s ON, OFF, and OPEN. Twisting to “Open” allows you to take off the battery compartment and insert new batteries. Twisting to “On” turns on the vibrator to the single speed. And twisting to “Off” turns the vibrator off of the single speed. As the base of the vibrator includes a ridged texture (much like a usual chapstick twist-base but larger in size), turning between these settings is pretty simple – even if your hand is lubricated.

    The vibrations on this vibrator aren’t too impressive. This discreet vibrator only has the single vibration setting, so you can’t really adjust it to be more or less intense. The single setting is definitely on the softer side, and I’d say that most women probably won’t be able to orgasm with this single intensity. Along with that, the single intensity is a bit loud. It can easily be heard in the same room, and if it’s very quiet, it could possibly be heard outside of a thin, closed door. So this really can’t be used in most public places which tends to put a damper on the discretion afforded by the chapstick design.

    Showing the tip of the Screaming O Balm Stick "Chapstick Vibrator"
    When it comes to use, don’t expect too much from this Screaming O Balm Stick “Chapstick Vibrator”. To be honest, I’m just not too fond of it. It’s totally cute in the fact that it could pass as chapstick, but at the same time, the whole reason for needing to pass for chapstick is the fact that it’s to be discreet. And the Screaming O Balm Stick “Chapstick Vibrator” doesn’t do that so well. The vibrations are too loud for it to be discreet in most settings, and even if that wasn’t an issue, the vibrations aren’t really strong enough for orgasm for most. I’d be okay with the softer vibrations if the vibrations were quieter, too – it’d be a trade-off that I’d have to take for being able to play in public. But I don’t get that. The vibrations are soft AND loud which really isn’t a good mixture.
    Showing how the vibrator operates
    Weirdest thing ever: this vibrator has an expiration date. I’m not sure if the packaging was kidding to make it look more realistic or what, but apparently this vibrator expires in 2014. At first I thought that maybe they actually DID add chapstick to the tube, but no, it’s just a regular vibrator. Then I thought that maybe the batteries weren’t replaceable – but they are. So I have no idea what would make this vibrator require an expiration date, and in fact, it actually really bothers me.

    If you want to clean this vibrator, you’ll want to be careful. Nowhere on the vibrator does it say anything about this lipstick vibrator being waterproof. For that reason, be careful to avoid getting water inside the battery compartment while cleaning it. It can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap, and again, just be careful not to accidentally twist off the battery compartment while cleaning it. It’s compatible with water-based lubricant, and it doesn’t require any type of particular storage to keep it safe. Just make sure to put the cap back on, and this vibrator can sit anywhere you want.

    Overall, if you want a cute chapstick vibrator, the Screaming O Balm Stick “Chapstick Vibrator” sex toy is pretty cute. It’ll make a cute gag gift, and it functions pretty decently. However, be aware that the vibrations are a bit too loud for public use and that the one-speed vibrations aren’t going to be strong enough for orgasm for most. It is cute, though, but it’s not one of those vibrators that I’d recommend for someone who wants to get a sex toy to provide strong orgasm.


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    Pleasure Product Review: Apollo Dual Density Stroker December 14 2015

    I recently reviewed the Apollo Dual Density Stroker by California Exotics. Honestly I was already skeptical about having a stroker that was not as long as my penis was. Considering this stroker was only 6 inches in depth and I am about two inches and a quarter longer than 6 inches so that was a my first red flag. Right out of the box I used the product. The apollo came with a small bottle of lubricant to help with making the experience a bit more real and it helped for a little but I recommend to use your own lubricant that you trust because I found that it didn’t stay lubed up for a while (I used trojan lubricant). Plus if you pulled your penis out and you were laying on your back the lub would fall out and onto you (experienced this several times).

    Once I got going I realized that it had a very strong grip but the size factor was starting to come in. But this stroker had a closed end and it was flexible and elastic so it would go all the way through and stretch out to compromise for my size. It takes a little minute to get used to the new feeling but after a few minutes and once you get in a rhythm, the feeling is a very pleasurable one. Once I finally climaxed I read the instructions on cleaning and it is a very simple process.

    In conclusion: The Apollo can look very simple and boring by it’s very basic design but the slick bead design on the inside and the elastic encasing to wrap around your penis to adjust for different girths and lengths can be a very desirable feature. It has a couple of speed bumps but after a session or two you will learn to get around it. So if you are looking for a good stroker that can be easily cleaned then purchase the Apollo Dual Density Stroker.

    The texture and fit. Once I penetrated this thing, I realized that this was not going to be the same as other strokers. This definitely felt better, both in texture and fit. The inner texture has spiraling ridges along with two rows of small bumps between the ridges. What this means for us is that our penis is going to get a lot more out of this than just rubbing on a smooth surface like with lesser products. Furthermore, the fit was great! Sliding it right in is no problem yet the toy gets good and snug – just like a true virgin snatch experience!

    Sucking action. This stroker does not have a hole out the back like some do. The reason is that a closed end will help provide a nice suction inside while you move it up and down. I found that it does work and that it’s just another great feature to this product!

    Not much odor. I have reviewed these types of toys before and some have a very distinct or unpleasant odor. This toy has just a slight, plastic or vinyl like odor that is typical of this kind of material. Moreover, I didn’t think anything of it while using this toy and it’s hardly noticeable.

    Cleaning it. I used to have an issue with closed-end masturbation aids like this because I felt that the inside would never really dry out properly. However, after reviewing several of these products and using and abusing them now and then, I have realized that they do get clean enough so that they don’t create any bacteria problems. I always wash them with soap and hot water when finished and then rinse them again before use.

    CC: Chocolate Night
    Have you tried the Apollo Dual Density Stroker by CalExotics?
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    Fleshlight 101 November 10 2015

    How do I use the Fleshlight?
    There are many ways to enjoy your Fleshlight. The sturdy, easy to grip case makes it perfect to hold in hand, however if you're looking for hands-free masturbation, you can stabilize it between pillows, couch cushions, or even in a shoe or something similar. Warm up the insert by removing it from the case and soaking it in a sink/tub filled with warm water. Do NOT attempt to boil or microwave the sleeve, doing so will damage it. When it's at the perfect temperature, shake off the water and re-insert into the case. Apply your favorite lube to yourself and the opening of the Fleshlight. Finally, adjust the tightness of the cap at the bottom of the case to customize your perfect level of suction. It is now ready to use!
    I'm a first time buyer, what should I order?
    With nearly half a million sold, 90% of first time customers start out with the original Pink Lady. The choice is yours however, choose an insert that appeals to you visually. Your pleasure is the number one priority!
    Which insert is right for me?
    There are a few important factors to keep in mind when answering this top question. Color is one of them. All you need to do is pick the color that suits you. Available colors are Pink, Mocha, and Ice (clear). The Ice color lets you watch yourself, especially when paired with the clear case. The lack of pigment in the Ice insert makes it slightly stickier than the other two. Pink is by far the top selling color, but the Mocha is growing in popularity. The next decision you need to make concerns the orifice, opening, or in other words, the external appearance. Again, choose the one that appeals to you visually. The Lady (which looks like a vagina), is the most popular choice, followed by the Butt. 
    The Fleshjack Jackass is a full ass, with cheeks, and the Mini Maid is also an ass with cheeks and a hint of vagina. The Mouth is preferred by men who enjoy the experience or oral sex over the rest, while the Stealth, or nondescript insert looks like no particular orifice, and it's great for travel, or for someone who is concerned with being discreet. The main difference between all of them is the outward appearance, but there are some other minor differences. The Butt orifice is thinnest, which just means you get inside quicker, while the Lady has the largest opening, for easier access.
    I'm a virgin. What do you recommend?
    The Fleshlight and Fleshjack products are a great way to start sexual exploration! They let you experience how real intercourse can feel, and help with the transition from using your hand. Use the Fleshlight/Fleshjack to practice and familiarize yourself with the sensations that come with sex. When the real thing comes along, you'll be able to enjoy it fully, and with enough practice, you'll be able to last longer, too. Make sure to use plenty of lube with your Fleshlight, and warm it up in warm water before using. These two things will add even more of a realistic feel. Try different positions, including hands-free (stick your Fleshlight between pillows, couch cushions, or anything you can find to stabilize it) to further simulate real sex.
    I reach orgasm too quickly, any advice?
    The Fleshlight products are a great way to train yourself to last longer through lots of practice! The Stamina Training Units and the Endurance FleshJack models are specifically designed to help improve your stamina. The inserts are more intensely textured than the others, to help you train yourself to last longer.
    I'm uncircumcised. What do you recommend?
    Many uncut men have praised the Fleshlight, and have had little to no problem. It's crucial for all men, and particularly those with a foreskin, to use plenty of lube for maximum enjoyment.

    Is this product built to last?
    Yes! The masturbation sleeves of the Fleshlight are made from a patented Super Skin material. It's very high quality, and with proper use and care, it can last a lifetime. The case is sturdy, and resembles an ordinary flashlight, making it easy and discreet to store.
    How big is the Fleshlight?
    It's approximately 10 inches long, and 4 inches in diameter.

    Does it vibrate?

    The Vibro version of the Fleshlight comes with 3 powerful bullet vibes that fit into special slots on three sides of the insert to provide extra stimulation through vibration. You can use the Vibro with or without the bullets. The rest of the Fleshlight line does not vibrate.

    Are the sleeves made from latex or silicone? 

    Neither. The insert sleeves are made of a patented Superskin material that is unlike any other. The lack of latex makes it a great choice for people with sensitivities to other materials that are sometimes used in sex toys.

    Can I use the Fleshlight in the tub or shower?
    Yes. The Fleshlight can be used in water, however, make sure you do not get soap on the insert. Not only will soap damage the material, it will also burn if it enters the penis.


    Can I use a condom with the Fleshlight?
    Yes. Using a condom will not damage it, and if you're sharing with a partner, it's a good idea to use one. Otherwise, a condom is not needed, but safe to use.
    Am I too old to use the Fleshlight?
    Definitely not! Men of all ages are discovering the Fleshlight every day! In fact, regular orgasms are believed to be a big part of overall health! A recent article in Forbes magazine outlines some results of studies on this very topic. Benefits include reduced depression, a reduced risk of heart disease, weight loss, pain relief, less frequent colds and flu, and a healthier prostate. With all these benefits, aside from your pleasure, the Fleshlight is a great choice, regardless of your age.


    Top 5 reasons to buy a Fleshlight 

    1. You're in control! Go for as long as you like, at whatever speed, angle and intensity that pleases you best.

    2. Nothing feels more realistic. The soft, pliable and smooth Real Feel Superskin sleeve is the closest you can get to the real thing, whether it be traditional, anal or oral sex.

    3. Using the Fleshlight or Fleshjack can improve your stamina and performance. Practice is key to being a true force in the bedroom, and the Fleshlight gives you every opportunity to do just that! Test your skills, practice new techniques, and challenge yourself to last longer with one of the Stamina Training Units, designed to keep you going strong in the face of maximum sensation.

    4. Practice safe sex! Whether you're having trouble finding a safe partner, or just waiting for the right one to come along, you can get all the sexual pleasure you want without worrying about things like unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

    5. A lifetime of pleasure. If you take proper care of your Fleshlight or Fleshjack (see our Fleshlight Care section below for more info), it can last you a very very long time, which is often more than can be said for a real sexual partner!

    Caring for your Fleshlight

    Using and caring for your fleshlight properly will lengthen its life, and keep you satisfied for a long time! Cleaning is essential to keeping it looking and feeling great, and luckily, this aspect of care is easy as can be. After use, simply remove the sleeve and rinse with warm water and let it dry before storing. For tough cleaning jobs, you can use a little isopropyl alcohol. Do NOT use soap or any other cleaning product on the insert. Doing so can damage the material.

    After cleaning, you may notice that the sleeve feels sticky. This is normal. To keep it feeling soft, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch on the sleeve, and shake off the excess. Do NOT use talcum or baby powder. This is especially important if you have an Ice (clear) Fleshlight, as it will cloud the appearance.

    If you do not let the Fleshlight dry properly before storing it, you may notice black spots on the sleeve. This is not a defect, it's simply a result of storing it while still damp. You can remove the marks with isopropyl alcohol.

    A good lubricant is essential to increase your pleasure, and to keep you moving smoothly through the material. A water-based lube is the best choice for use with the Fleshlight. Anything oil based will break down the material over time.


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    I’m In Love With My Liberator October 02 2015


    Today is the day, we talk about the Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo. First let me get this part out of the way: I love it, I have no cons to point out, I think everybody should save up for Liberator furniture or shapes, and well….yeah. I’ll be gushing for the whole damn post.
    The WedgeEven on its own the Wedge is mucho useful. I have short arms and so jerking off with anything other than the Pure Wand can get difficult/tiring. The Wedge lifted my pelvis up enough to alleviate that problem for the most part. It’s also great for missionary position sex, for tilting your pelvis just the right amount so that he hits your g-spot. In fact I really can’t even put into words how much of a help that was for hitting the g-spot during sex.
    The RampIt’s big. It’s unapologetically big (well, then again, I did get the biggest size). There really is no good “hiding” spot for it in our 1 bedroom apartment since all our closets are full and it’s too tall to fit under our bed. The Ramp‘s claim to fame is an aid to doggy style. They offer different heights dependent on the height of your guy – this way her cunt is more lined up with his cock while he’s kneeling.
    The ComboPutting Liberator shapes together is like magic. You might assume that they would slide around…but they don’t. Wherever you put the Wedge, it’s staying put on the Ramp, even with thrusting and moving. There’s something about the microfiber fabric that acts like velcro, almost, when they’re together.  


    The Black Label Line

    I wanted the Black Label version because I’m kinky and like bondage. But you knew that already. There are attachment points sewn into the covers – it’s awesome craftsmanship, you’re not going to rip it off. You can order a set of cuffs and accessories with your Black Label gear. They’re velco but don’t let that deter you – it’s fuckin STRONG velcro. Again, you’re not going anywhere. The cuffs are also supremely comfortable. They’re not going to chafe your skin; they’re padded and luxurious. The blindfold though….man. Best blindfold I’ve ever tried on to date. There is this satiny padded ridge at the bottom of it, and once the blindfold is on snugly you cannot see a damn thing. The ridge is fat enough so that it lifts the blindfold away from the eyeballs a little bit, enough to blink. This is a great great thing for me as I have some sort of weird phobia about things being too close to my eyes.

    Not Just for Sex!

    These shapes, and many Liberator items, are great in other uses when you’re not fucking like bunnies. Put the Ramp down first and then the Wedge halfway down the Ramp, and you have the best TV/Movie-watching lounger you could want. Unlike other stuffed furniture thingies that I had previously that are meant to be used as back rests, the Liberator shapes won’t move. The foam is very very firm yet still comfy and again that microfiber cover grips to other fabrics/carpet. It would also be great for sleeping on the ramp when you have a head cold and need to be elevated. There’s just a lot you can do with it. If you get a non-Black Label one (or buy a set of covers that matches your decor?) it might even inconspicuously blend into your home decor and can be used when vanilla folks are around! 

    Tips they don’t tell you on the site:

    ♦The construction is high quality dense foam covered by a slippery waterproof Teflon-treated fabric which is snugly zippered around the foam. You’re not really supposed to take this off ever, even a big gusher won’t soak through the fabric. Just wipe it down clean with a damp cloth. Then there’s the main cover. Then there’s a thin nylon cover that’s loose and has a handle for carrying. When shipped, it’s all assembled and in a plastic bag for protection. Guess what all that creates? The worst case of static cling ever. I swear to you all the cat fur (white, thanks) in the room just got sucked onto the shapes when I unpacked them. You are supposed to wash the main microfiber cover before use, it helps “fluff” up the fabric to be its softest. I also washed the nylon covers in an attempt to banish some of the static. It worked, but not quite well enough, so it got a douse of Static Guard spray. 

    ♦There’s a few width options for some of the shapes, particularly this combo that I got. Being that I am definitely plus-sized I figured I should be safe and get the 30″ wide versions. Lemme tell ya, I didn’t need to, I would have been good with the 24″ wide. However…..that extra room on the sides could lend for a few position-variations wherein legs/feet are ……. you get the idea.

    While I’ve never tried any other company’s version of these, I do know that you get what you pay for. This is leaps and bounds above the inflatable ramp I reviewed. Except for the static cling part I really and truly honestly cannot find a single fault with anything that I talked about here. Everything from the Ramp down to the cuffs, it’s all very high quality and worth every penny. I know it’s a little expensive but they do have sales which I’ll announce and their items will last you forever. I cannot wait to review another Liberator product.


    CC: Dangerous Lilly


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    Review: The New Leaf Fresh+ Vibrator September 04 2015

    When the first Leaf line came out, there were lots of happy people when they saw an entire line of sex toys in GREEN. We don’t get green very often. And I tried one of the line, but was a bit underwhelmed. I never ended up trying anything else from that line; not for lack of trying, really but I also wasn’t going out of my way to insist on getting one.  When I was informed of the new Leaf+ line, I was intrigued. I really wanted to like a vibrator for once this year. I was told that the Leaf Fresh+ was the strongest. So I tried it!

    The Leaf Fresh+ (and the original Fresh) were the perfect size and dimension to allow us to get the right power. With the newest motors, the Fresh+ is even more powerful and still the most powerful in the collection. The other 3 current designs still feel amazing. Life+ would probably be the second most powerful. Vitality+ and Bloom+ feature 2 vibrations each, with each motor offering a slightly different sensation. One is a deep vibration (strong and pulsating), while the other is a little quicker for a more intense vibration.

    TheLeaf+ line does have improvements! Mainly the improvement lies in the better motor. The button now glows. Is that an improvement? I guess so. It glows and blinks every time you change the mode. There are 2 added pulsating modes….good if you like your vibrator to tease, not great if you want to get off. Each pulse mode has a half-second too long delay where there are no vibrations, and kinda kills the mood for me. The travel lock feature is now easier to use, too, apparently. The old style involved a series of well-timed taps. With the Leaf+, you just have to press and hold for like 5 or 6 seconds. It’s a long hold time compared to other travel locks, but since there is only the one button and you have the option of press and hold to turn it off, there you have it. 

    Clarification:  To turn it on, and cycle through the settings, you click. Original Leaf line uses the click and hold method to ramp up the vibration intensities. Since the vibe has only one button plus travel lock, they had to change that style. To turn it off you can either press and hold for 3 seconds, or click through the settings (5 settings in total – 3 power levels, 2 patterns).

    When it comes to most vibrators that have only one control button, in order to turn this off you must press and hold the button OR cycle through all of the settings. The Leaf Fresh+ gets a little trigger-happy and quickly jumps to the next setting or two whilst you’re busy holding the button down for it to rapidly turn off. Usually, when it's turned back on, it will actually turn on in the mode I intended for it to turn on at, the last one I was using. Usually. It’s not always the case, though.

    There are two pattern settings. The first pattern quickly escalates through the three intensity levels in a fluid change, and then just as quickly goes back down where it spends a full second (or so it seems) doing nothing. There’s too much time spent in intensity levels other than the highest. The second pattern is a rapid pulsating burst of 4 or 5 pulses which are maybe low or maybe medium, I can’t quite tell which….and then a low hum of nearly nothing for the same amount of time (a full second?). If you like teasing from your vibrator, you might enjoy these.

    The Good Stuff
    Okay, back to the good points. It’s covered in matte silicone, the kind that does have some drag but resists most dust/fur/lint. Some people might prefer to use lube.  It might pick up some dust and lint but I’ve not had any problems yet (unlike the We-Vibe Touch).  It’s waterproof, easy to clean.  It is relatively quiet; it is noticeably more quiet than the We-Vibe Tango but louder than the Minna Limon. It will arrive in the same Leaf signature box, which is cute and sturdy and the same drawstring burlap-look pouch as before.

    I really like the vibrations in this. A lot. Is it strong? Yes. As strong as the We-Vibe Tango? Eh, no, not quite. It is more rumbly than the Lelo Mia 2, and a bit more powerful as well.  I like the vibrations better than the Je Joue Mimi, way better than the original Leaf Spirit, it’s stronger than the Tenga Iroha. It doesn’t seem to suffer from the dampened vibrations during use nearly as much as the We-Vibe Touch, so in use it ends up bring stronger.
    I don’t feel that the shape and size is as versatile as it could be. It works well with my vulva and clitoris, and there is a place to hold it where holding it won’t dampen the motor. It’s comfortable. Dare I say, ergonomic, even?  And since it has travel lock, I’d be a bit more inclined to travel with this over other pleasure product options. The charger is also better to me than the magnetic style. It’s a long, thin jack and you can only screw it up if you don’t push it all the way in. 

    Despite the fact that the Fresh+ doesn’t exceed the We-Vibe Tango for me, I still like it. Would I feel safe in recommending this to others? Sure I would. Will I actually continue to use this? Yes. And it’s only $82.00 on, so it’s not ridiculously priced. There is no obscenely long warning section in a big user manual. It’s fairly easy for anybody to use and figure out. In short, I approve of the Leaf+ Fresh+ . Plus plus. 


    Have you tried the Fresh+ or any of the Leaf+ products? 
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    Choosing the Perfect Couples’ Ring: TOR 2 or PINO? August 28 2015

    It might seem like men get the short end of the stick when it comes to sex toys, especially ones that they can use to share pleasure with their partner during lovemaking. Cock rings, sometimes called male rings or couples’ rings, provide exactly that with a pleasure object perfect for enhancing and extending pleasure for both partners. If you’re looking to buy your first cock ring (or buy one for your partner), we offer an introduction to TOR 2 and PINO and some insight into choosing the best one.


    How They Work

    Both TOR 2 and PINO are flexible circles of body-safe silicone and both vibrate. This provides extra sensation to a female partner, while (gently) restricting blood flow to provide longer-lasting, fuller-looking erections. That’s right, a cock ring will make your penis bigger and help you last longer.


    The Revolutionary Pleasure of TOR 2

    TorII_green_shaAn upgraded version of one of our first male sex toys, TOR 2 is a consistent bestseller, and a great introduction into sex toys for men. It’s the smaller of the two, and has a simpler design, but don’t let its innocuous outside fool you.

    With 6-vibration patterns and improved strength over its predecessor, this petite ring packs a punch. Its compact shape makes is perfect for first time users, as well as for positions that are more up close and personal, such as missionary or when sitting in a lotus position. In these positions, the woman will be able to grind against her partner; letting TOR 2 stimulate her clitoris as they enjoy sensual face to face pleasure. The flat face of the vibrating portion also allows for less localized stimulation of the clitoris, which some women prefer.

    It’s one of the most refined cock rings on the market. Simple and elegant which keeps it as one of our longest-running top sellers and perfect for your first cock ring, or your first long-lasting luxury one.



    PINO, The Only Sex Toy Made for Bankers


     Where TOR 2 is unassuming, just seeing PINO makes you sit up and pay attention. The first sex toy expressly made to satisfy the most demanding of appetites, it boasts a significantly larger vibrating portion with a unique shape to stimulate a woman whether it is placed on top of the penis or flipped upside-down to rest under it. Its size and shape (not to mention its increased power in 10 vibration patterns) give you a variety of ways to use it.Standing up, in doggy-style, reverse cowgirl…the options are endless and all allow both partners to feel the thudding vibrations of this ring.





    Both TOR 2 and PINO feature waterproof design allowing use in the bath or shower (and making them easier to clean) and they are stretchy enough to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

    The devil really is in the details, and depend fully on your personal tastes. Some prefer the simplistic, classic designs of TOR  2 and some find the unique, pronounced shape of PINO better for them and their partner. If you still can’t decide which would suit you best, you can always leave it to color; TOR 2 comes in black, plum and green while PINO is the only LELO product that is available in federal blue.



    Have you tried the Tor 2 or Pino?
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    Beginner's Guide to Electro Sex Toys August 17 2015

    For most people the words "electricity" and "genitalia" should never be combined. We have all been told since a very young age that electricity is dangerous and that if we come into contact with it, it will kill us. Whilst we don't advise that you climb into a power station for sexual thrills, it is possible to safely and harmlessly enjoy electro sex.

    Electro sex is a way of stimulating the genitals and erogenous zones with a safe amount of electrical energy. The human body is mostly made of water so is an excellent conductor of this electricity.
    By applying a sex toy or conductive pad to the body, electricity can pass through the nerve cells creating pulsing, almost vibrating kinds of sensations.

    What Do Electro Sex Toys Feel Like?
    Electrosex isn't about pleasurable pain, or even pain in general. On the lower settings the experience is completely transformed, in fact some levels are so faint that you barely feel a tingle. As you experiment with the lower settings this tingle increases and begins to tickle. The electric charge stimulates nerve endings, arousing the skin that it touches. Imagine how it feels to be teased and tickled along your sides. Now imagine a gentle vibration that follows the tickling sensation. Far from painful.

    On moderate settings the tickling feels firmer and the tingling increases, feeling similar to a high-powered vibrator. Your nerve endings become more aroused and the stimulation feels firmer. These settings are often used for insertable toys and many fans say that the experience is similar to using a vibrating sex toy, but the level of stimulation is heightened

    On high power settings the sensation can feel strong pins and needles and lightly sting. The stimulation feels even firmer and can even cause your muscles to contract. You should always start with the power switched off and slowly increase the intensity, this allows you to find the best setting for you.

    Electro Sex Toys for Beginners

    ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack SetIf you like the sound of electro sex toys and want to try it out, you'll want an all-in-one kit like the ElectraStim Flick Stimulator Multi-Pack. This starter pack comes complete with power units and accessories to get you started.
    Each unit is capable of controlling a wide range of sex toys, tools and accessories, each of which offers a different erotic experience. Once you've decided you like electro stimulation, you can start to look for compatible attachments that suit the parts of the body you like zapping most.
    Just about every kind of sex toy you can imagine has been adapted for use with electrosex kits. Dildos, buttplugs and probes are the most popular electrosex accessories but you can also get everything from cock rings to Wartenberg pinwheels to team with your electrosex kit. Most electro toys are made of aluminium or another highly conductive metal, allowing energy to travel through easily.
    The most important thing to remember with electro sex is that it will be different for everyone - whilst some will relish the new sensations, others will find them too strong. Go slowly and experiment with new toys at lower intensities. Before you know it, you'll be inching your way to the highest number on the dial and purring with satisfaction!

    Electro Sex FAQs 
    What are the dangers of using electrosex toys?
    This is always the first question that people ask. The electricity allowed through electro sex devices is fairly minimal and can be compared to that of a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit, as used in hospitals. Electrosex can be enjoyed safely in your own home but there are a few precautions to take:
    • Do not use an electrostimulation unit if you have heart problems or have a pacemaker fitted.
    • Do not use electrostimulation devices while pregnant.
    • Do not use electrostimulation devices above the waist.
    • Do not use electrosex kits when feeling fatigued, dehydrated, undernourished, unwell or not at your best.
    • Do not use electro sex toys on broken or irritated skin.
    • Use a water-based lubricant (with internal attachments) or electro-conductive gel (with external attachments) to increase sensitivity and avoid any skin tenderness.
    • Always ensure that the power is off whilst you're applying a device to your body (that includes while you're inserting a dildo or butt plug).

    Should I use conductive gel?
    ElectraStim Electro-Conductive Electrode Gel 60mlElectro-conductive gel evenly spreads out the stimulation. You should use conductive gel on external accessories only and only where advised. Your toys should explain where conductive lubrication can be applied so always check the instructions first.
    For internal accessories, use a little water-based lube instead.
    Can I use silicone lube with the accessories?
    Silicone is an insulating material, so it’s not ideal. Also, a lot of the accessories are made from silicone, which can be degraded by silicone lube. Water-based lube will help insertion and conductivity.
    What are the rubber rings around the base of some accessories for?
    The rubber rings at the base of your toy act as insulators. This means that they do not conduct electricity. Insulators allow you to hold a toy without feeling the electrical charge, making sure the stimulation is not felt in your hand and is focused only where you want it.
    How can I clean my accessories?
    Very easily. Unplug them, and simply clean with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and water. They’re not electric so as long as you leave them to dry thoroughly before plugging them in again, it will all be A-OK. Make sure you dry them thoroughly after cleaning and try to avoid getting water inside the plug sockets. Although getting water in the sockets will not damage your toy, it’s better to avoid residue remaining inside next time you play.

    You can also try using smaller accessories. Electrosex toys work by channelling the power charge to the surface area, or contacts, on the toy. The smaller the surface area or the contacts are, the more intense the charge will feel.
    Whats your take on Electro-Sex?
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    Pleasure Product Review: Lelo Lyla 2 August 14 2015

    Wireless eggs are not something I have had good luck with in the past. It always seems hard to find the right intensity for vibrations, and a good connection with the remotes. I have tried the California Exotic Novelties Posh 7-function Lover's Remote, which was a bust (never again with the watch batteries), and the Sensuelle Remote Control Rechargeable Pink (close, but still not good enough). It seems like the hardest thing to find is a long-lasting, good quality, wireless egg. I thought I stumbled upon that with the Lelo Lyla 2, but I was, unfortunately, let way, way down.

    The packaging of the Lyla 2 is very sleek and sexy. I would definitely have to give major props to the design. It looks exactly how a luxury item should. Inside the box is a storage pouch (Yay!), the remote, egg, batteries, their registration card, (did I mention the one year warranty, 10 year guarantee? Wow!), the exhausting manual, charger, and the Lelo pin, so you can let everyone you know that you own a fancy Lelo toy.

    I will start by saying that the shape of the Lyla 2 is spot on. It fit my vagina like a glove and stayed put. I never had an issue with the way the egg sat, in fact, I would have to say this is the most ergonomic egg I've used. The shape was very well thought out. The material was the high-quality medical grade silicone that I am used to from my Lelo products, which is body safe, and easy to clean. It had one button interface, which you do a quick press to turn on, and a long press to turn off. The remote control is also incased with silicone on the front, with three buttons, high, low, and functions, (which I will get into later) and a hard plastic on the back with a slot to unlock. 

    The remote is another problem I have with this toy, albeit small. I'm just spoiled I guess, but I would expect a toy that is $140.00, wouldn't require any kind of batteries, even in a remote. It takes two AAA's, which comes provided with the toy, so I guess I can't complain too much, considering "batteries included" is becoming such a luxury these days.  The egg, however, charges by unscrewing the bottom of the egg where the retrieval cord is, and plugging it in. Thankfully being a second generation, the Lyla 2 has a chrome charging socket, so submersible play is encouraged.

    The Lyla 2 also comes with Lelo's newest feature called SenseMotion technology.

    The whole concept behind the SenseMotion technology is to make the egg vibrate with whatever pattern you move the remote. This toy comes with two SenseMotion modes. The first one intensifies vibrations by tilting the remote when it is moved from a horizontal to vertical position, and the second mode lets you change the vibration intensity by moving it either way. The faster you move it, the more intense the vibrations. Pretty cool concept, if it worked.

    The main problem I had with both of the Sensemotion modes was a lag from the remote to the egg. I noticed it seemed to take a couple of seconds for the egg to move with the same pattern every time I moved the remote unless it was directly pointed at my vag. Another issue was the connection. There were sometimes when I didn't even think that the remote and egg were matched up. I had to take it out a couple of times to make sure that it was working. I do have to say, that the regular vibration patterns seemed to work pretty well. I think the Sensemotion is too many bells and whistles, and I would honestly prefer to do without. The manual describes the modes as well, but I'm not really up for reading manuals when I'm ready to get off. If you have the time to read the manual it would help, but I would just stick with the premade vibration patterns. Thankfully there is also a non-remote mode where you can just stick the egg inside and go. Personally, that was enough for me.

    Which brings me to the vibrations. I have to say that I was a little less impressed with the vibrations as well. They weren't as powerful as most of the Lelo toys, in my opinion. It almost felt like there were times when it completely stopped vibrating, which is a pretty big deal. I felt the most intense sensation while I was sitting down, or crouched over, but while I was walking I didn't even realize it was in. That was the main time where I had to put my hand down my pants and check, which, unfortunately, is acceptable when you're home, but not so much in public.

    Lelo definitely could have done better with this toy. The vibrations could be a little bit stronger, and the connectivity between the remote and the toy should be looked into. The shape was phenomenal, and the SenseMotion could potentially be one of the coolest features a toy could have, but if it doesn't work, there's really no point. I would probably use this while I was having anal, to have something inside for stimulation, but as for a "couple's toy", I would think twice before a night out on the town with it. At least the manual makes for a good table leveler.


    • Silicone, ABS plastic
    • 2-hour charge
    • 2 hour play time for egg, 10 hours for remote
    • Up to 90 days standby

     Review by Brittanie!


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