Pleasure Product Review: The Sensuelle Point 20 May 01 2015 1 Comment

As I was taking my new little black toy out of its white box, I was skeptical as to what it could offer me.
Let me just put this out there.. After using the Hitachi Magic Wand for a few months I never thought I would get off using a baby bullet. EVER.

The Sensuelle Point 20 (SP20) Function Vibrator is a small clitoral vibrator that really packs a punch. It is sleek; smooth, rounded at the top, and took about one hour to charge for first use. The toy comes with it’s own charger and is NOT fully waterproof (no shower time!).. I always charge new toys to their fullest capacity for first time use… this way I ensure the best orgasm and first impression of my newest toy.

Once the charging dock of the SP20 turned a solid green I laid back to toggle through the settings. At the bottom of the small vibrator, there is a small button that controls the different speeds and functions.
I pushed the button, a blue light went on and I could feel the different intensities of each setting. This little guy has 3 different vibration levels! There are high, medium and low settings, in addition to 17 extra functions!!!  Hence, why it’s called the Sensuelle Point 20 (three different speeds, 17 different functions).
After experimenting with all three intensities I decided to start myself off at level one (the lowest) and move my way up, as my orgasm was getting closer.  The first thing I LOVED about this toy is that it has a soft purr in comparison to the lawn mower sounds one usually hears from high intensity toys. It is super powerful yet buzzes quietly, making the whole experience that much more attractive.

The second thing I enjoyed from this toy is the rounded top (where all the vibrations are concentrated). After finding my perfect setting, I could position the top of the Point right over my clit. Most of the time, it takes a bit to engage my love box, but the SP20 hit the spot right away. It felt amazing. When I toggled up to ‘high mode’ it felt better than amazing. Orgasmic.

After a few personal uses, I used it with a partner who enjoyed it just as much as I did. This small toy is super convenient for travel, couples play and even anal play. If you plan to use a lubricant, I would recommend a good water based lube. Click here to buy a the best bullet on the market… a purchase you will never regret, from a toy that is hard to forget.


Have you tried the The Sensuelle Point 20?  What do you think?

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