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The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager should not be confused with a light saber, sword, or any other crazy weapon…  Although this ‘Magic Wand’ does not double as a light saber, it does pack the same power when turned on. The Hitachi Magic Wand uses the "force" of ten tongues/cocks/fingers. Ok, enough of the Star Wars references, let’s get to the nitty gritty.
The Hitachi Magic Wand is that vibrator.. The one you’re curious about, have heard of, or have seen during your pleasure product escapades! The

Wand IS MAGICAL….If this is your first sex toy I may recommend something a bit more gentle like the SP20 I reviewed last week or the iSex USB Bullet I will be reviewing next week! The Wand is excellent for those who need extra strength to push them over the edge.  
The Wand is made for your clit.. Well, not really.. It is a personal massager that can be used for your whole body.. ESPECIALLY your clit. This beastly gadget, is the strongest vibrator I have ever felt. If you keep it on your lady bits for too long, you may lose feeling, or even get a bit itchy (I know from experience!).  

That being said, the Hitachi does not disappoint when used properly. It is massive in size, needs to be plugged into a wall, and is about the length of your forearm. It has a rounded head for your extremities, and is by no means intended for insertion (unless you buy some attachments for the Wand). Since the Hitachi is used while plugged into the wall, you can expect more power but also more sound. The Hitachi is louder than the traditional vibrator, but so worth the noise.. maybe the sounds you make as you orgasm will help mask the rumbling vibrations from roommates/neighbors etc. ;) 

The Hitachi is by NO means intended for water use.. It’s plugged into the wall, need I say more? If you have an easier time getting off in the shower, I would recommend a waterproof Lelo product. In addition to self gratification, The Wand is magnificent for couples play. I love when my partner controls the Wand, running the vibrations all over my body before focusing on my clit. My partner is able to control the countless orgasms and pleasure I receive. Magic!  As with any product, I had my initial concerns. I was worried that I would be desensitized to weaker vibrators or generally insusceptible to oral play. I have been using this toy for a few months and have found no problems with desensitization. I mix my use of the Wand with other pleasure products, and continue to cum from oral play. 

As with any product take your time with the Wand. There are only two settings and I have yet to surpass the first. Massage it along your inner thighs, run it along your labia.. When the vibrations feel right, give it a whirl! If you are ready for this powerful vibrator do NOT be intimidated by it’s size or shape.. It is an unforgettable, magical and pleasure defining product! Let me know what you think of the Hitachi or anything sex-related! I am always looking for suggestions and new insights into what makes you feel good!  When the new cordless Magic Wand drops, you know I will be the 1st to review!!!! 

Until next week,

Review by: Ivy of FaceDownFessUp
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