Pleasure Product Review: Sad Butt True - Sensuelle Homme Plug July 10 2015

When I first heard about the Sensuelle Homme Plug, I had high hopes. I also have the Sensuelle Point Bullet and the rechargeable remote control bullet, so I was familiar with the brand's power. Since the Sensuelle Point is extremely powerful, I thought I was going to be in for a treat. Upon opening the box I found that it came with a magnetic charger, and a personal storage back. I was really excited about the concept of a rechargeable butt plug, and so far I have not had any issues with charging. The material was the typical jelly-like, non-scented PVC, which I wasn't too thrilled about, especially since it was catching every little piece of thread and fuzz from being in the bag. It took a little bit longer to clean than I liked, but I got over it. The power on the plug was exactly what I expected, but the design was seriously lacking.

While looking at the base of the plug, I was a little nervous that the bottom wasn't going to tapered enough. Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct. The base was flared enough to prevent any issues with the plug going inside of me, but the tapering wasn't enough. Before insertion I generously applied a decent amount of my Sassy by Sliquid. Suspicions aside, I went into the shower and prepared to use it.

Insertion wasn't too difficult in the very beginning. The tip is pretty slim, and, for the most part, the plug was easy to take. The biggest issue I had was getting down to the base of the plug. Getting the bottom of the plug to actually stay in was so difficult, it took away from being able to enjoy what I was doing. It was next to impossible for my muscles to grab a hold of it. Between the vibrations being so powerful, and the poor base design, it kept vibrating out of me onto the shower floor. Finally, I held it in long enough to get close to an orgasm, but with being so frustrated, and focusing on holding it in at the perfect angle, I ended up taking it out, and finishing my shower without.

I'm really bummed on the outcome of this plug. I feel like it could easily be one of the best ones on the market, with a little bit of a design tweak.  The power was pretty impressive, as with the rest of the brand's items, but it's hard to enjoy while you're standing in the shower one leg propped up and one arm behind trying to keep it in. The one pro is, I got an extra bullet out of it, since the sleeve is removable. Unfortunately, this was a no-go for me as much as I wanted to like it.

Review by: Brittanie 

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