Pleasure Product Review: Apollo Dual Density Stroker December 14 2015

I recently reviewed the Apollo Dual Density Stroker by California Exotics. Honestly I was already skeptical about having a stroker that was not as long as my penis was. Considering this stroker was only 6 inches in depth and I am about two inches and a quarter longer than 6 inches so that was a my first red flag. Right out of the box I used the product. The apollo came with a small bottle of lubricant to help with making the experience a bit more real and it helped for a little but I recommend to use your own lubricant that you trust because I found that it didn’t stay lubed up for a while (I used trojan lubricant). Plus if you pulled your penis out and you were laying on your back the lub would fall out and onto you (experienced this several times).

Once I got going I realized that it had a very strong grip but the size factor was starting to come in. But this stroker had a closed end and it was flexible and elastic so it would go all the way through and stretch out to compromise for my size. It takes a little minute to get used to the new feeling but after a few minutes and once you get in a rhythm, the feeling is a very pleasurable one. Once I finally climaxed I read the instructions on cleaning and it is a very simple process.

In conclusion: The Apollo can look very simple and boring by it’s very basic design but the slick bead design on the inside and the elastic encasing to wrap around your penis to adjust for different girths and lengths can be a very desirable feature. It has a couple of speed bumps but after a session or two you will learn to get around it. So if you are looking for a good stroker that can be easily cleaned then purchase the Apollo Dual Density Stroker.

The texture and fit. Once I penetrated this thing, I realized that this was not going to be the same as other strokers. This definitely felt better, both in texture and fit. The inner texture has spiraling ridges along with two rows of small bumps between the ridges. What this means for us is that our penis is going to get a lot more out of this than just rubbing on a smooth surface like with lesser products. Furthermore, the fit was great! Sliding it right in is no problem yet the toy gets good and snug – just like a true virgin snatch experience!

Sucking action. This stroker does not have a hole out the back like some do. The reason is that a closed end will help provide a nice suction inside while you move it up and down. I found that it does work and that it’s just another great feature to this product!

Not much odor. I have reviewed these types of toys before and some have a very distinct or unpleasant odor. This toy has just a slight, plastic or vinyl like odor that is typical of this kind of material. Moreover, I didn’t think anything of it while using this toy and it’s hardly noticeable.

Cleaning it. I used to have an issue with closed-end masturbation aids like this because I felt that the inside would never really dry out properly. However, after reviewing several of these products and using and abusing them now and then, I have realized that they do get clean enough so that they don’t create any bacteria problems. I always wash them with soap and hot water when finished and then rinse them again before use.

CC: Chocolate Night
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