Pleasure Product Review: Dickalicious January 19 2016

This weekend my new “boyfriend” and I started with our normal foreplay activity.. heavy kissing. Our kissing was extremely intense and heavy, even while being fully clothed. I took his hand and slid it under my jogging pants, so he could feel the wetness of my pussy. Wearing no panties, he immediately hardened underneath me. As I walked from the living room to his bedroom, I dropped my clothes along the way.  

I laid on the bed, naked, with my legs spread wide so that my bf could get a good view as he entered the room.  
He came into the bedroom, and the biggest mischievous smirk painted his face. He promptly put his head right were it belongs, and licked generously at my dripping pussy.  Clitoral orgasms are hard to cum by in my books, but my man had the technique down. With a lot of attention to my clit, and a finger in my bum, he made my pussy explode right into his mouth. My body shook in extreme pleasure, and small vibrations raced through my body. As I was just starting to settle, my man went down to my sopping hole, and licked it clean.

I couldn’t resist the urge to return the favor. I pulled him in close, and kissed him passionately. I licked my sweetness off of his lips, and told him I loved how I tasted in his mouth.

It was time to introduce one of my favorite lubes in to the bedroom.
Let’s talk lubes for a minute:
We all know you have many options when choosing which to introduce into the bedroom. But let me tell you about my favorite: Dickalicious.

I had a stash of piña colada Dickalicious on hand, and pulled his shorts of to focus on his cock. I squeezed a dime amount in to my right hand and proceed to rub it up and down his hard shaft. A little bit of Dickalicious goes a long way, and slowly warmed up and started to deliver its magic. He had no clue what was in store for his evening. As his cock was heating up, his moans increased, and he visibly needed more. When he asked me what I was doing to him, I responded “don’t worry about it, just sit back and relax.”  As his eyes closed, I engulfed his hard warm dick with my mouth.

Dickilicious, unlike most lubes, has a decent flavor. It is a combination of a menthol flavor, with a cough syrup after taste…  but it doesn’t make you want to gag immediately.. that’s for sure.

As my mouth continued to deliver added pleasure to the heat delivered from the lube, I took out his cock for brief moments to blow some cool air onto the tip.

The cool air intensified the warming of the lube, and drove him insane. After a pretty lengthy oral sex session, it was time to get both of us off again.

I straddled his hard cock and felt the instant warming around my own pussy. As the heat spread, it felt so good, relaxing and pleasurable. After some friction, the warmth wore off, and I added a few more drops to his cock to reinvigorate the feeling. It was a little too warm this time, seeing as how I didn’t blow him before reinsertion. Some heat play is always a fun introduction into the sac, and if you and your partner want to experience dual pleasure from a product, this is a good go to product. This tube is sold in 2 oz bottles and can be found on  for about $8.00.