Advanced Master Gauge Pump

$ 65.00

An impressively feature-packed pump for precise, impressive and noticeable enhancement, the Advanced Master Gauge boasts a high-tech, ultra durable design, completely body safe materials, premium suction and an accurate PSI gauge up top. Praised buy the American Pumpers Associated for its ample girth, the Master Gauge is perfect for men of all sizes, and particularly ideal for larger men looking to improve even more. Long, firm and sturdy, the transparent cylinder is marked out into graduated universal measurements, and finished with a plush, high end silicone donut sleeve. While the donut provides cushioning, comfort and and extra bit of air-tightness, it's optional and can be removed completely. Once you're positioned inside the cylinder, with or without the sleeve, simply squeeze the ergonomic one-hand grip handle to start up the vacuum effect. Thanks to the big, easy to read PSI gauge, along with the measured cylinder, you'll be able to perfectly track progress, taking note of the optimal pressure needed to achieve your personal best. Compatible with water based lubricants, silicone lubes should be avoided. The Master Gauge is over 9 inches (22.75cm) long with 2.5 inches (6.25cm) of inner girth.

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