DONA Scented Massage Candle

$ 16.00

An ultra luxurious massage candle from Dona by Jo's sweet smelling, naturally based and completely indulgent pheromone-infused collection, this romance staple melts into a silky, nourishing oil that glides over the skin as it fills the room with a warm, sexy scent. Infused with superfruits chosen specifically for their aphrodisiac effects, the Massage Candle is soy based, moisturizing and safe for sensitive skin. To use, light the candle and set it somewhere safe for a few minutes, letting the wax soften and the fragrance permeate your surroundings. Tip some into the palms of the hands and spread over your playmates body, or drizzle it sensually over the areas your hands will soon be touching. The remaining oil will solidify, forming itself back into candle form for next time. As with any candle, practice safe use, and always test the temperature of the oil before contact with skin. Contains approximately 4.75 oz of oil.

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