Dr. Joel Premium Pump Kit

$ 375.00

Unlike conventional hand pumps the Premuim Megavac Electric Pump is more efficient because it creates a continuous and even flow of vacuum pressure. In addition the electric pump is personally gratifying feels great and is ideal for self-stimulation. The vacuum pump is becoming the number one medical treatment for impotence premature ejaculation and is a stimulant for sex drive the Dr. Joel Kaplan Premium Megavac Electric Penis Pump is the most effective way to achieve all these enlargement characteristics. Variable pulsations feel incredible and are perfect for masturbation. Simply plug it in operates via a standard electrical household outlet. Includes a large nylon storage bag, instruction booklet, constriction rings for penis and testicles, transparent,  leak-free cylinder, over ten feet of tubular extension for ease of usage, and an electric pump. Safety Features include: convenient On/Off Switch with safety release valve.

  • Increase penis length and girth
  • Reverse shrinkage due to age
  • Increase stamina, build confidence self-esteem
  • Provides constant, strong, adjustable suction
  • Resolve premature ejaculation
  • Reverse curvature
Large:  2.25 inch leak-free cylinder
Medium: 2.00 inch leak-free cylinder
Small:  1.75 inch leak-free cylinder


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