Electrosex Torpedo Plug

$ 50.00

A thrillingly versatile accessory for use with the Zeus line of electrosex toys, the satisfyingly sized, anal-friendly Torpedo Plug is a smooth, naturally shaped and perfectly tapered treat with impressive conductivity. Made to perfectly transfer orgasmic waves of electrical stimulation straight to your chosen zone, the Torpedo is sleek, slick and curvy enough to accompany you on just about any sexual escapade. When plugged into one of Zeus' power boxes, the plug delivers your choice of current intensity to whichever body part is being stimulated, thanks to the ergonomic shape, this accessory could easily be used during sex without distracting from the shared experience. It's suitable for both internal and external use, and perfect for solo play.

As with any electronic stimulation device, read instructions, warnings and operation tips carefully to avoid injury or discomfort. The Large Torpedo is 6 inches long, 5 inches insertable, and 4 3/4 inches around at largest.

Electrosex products if any of the following apply to you:

  • Have a pace maker
  • Have epilepsy or other neurological disease
  • Are pregnant
  • Have heart disease
  • Never use while driving or operating equipment
  • Never use near any metal objects such as piercing jewelry, rings, bracelets or metallic IUDs
  • Never use on throat, wounds, eyes, head or mouth

Electrosex toys should be used with water and oil based lube only (silicone is an electrical inhibitor) and cleaned with water but never submerged. Electrosex products are not compatible with latex but are safe to use with lambskin and polyisoprene.

* Pictured Powerbox sold separately


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