Extreme Pure Gold X-10 Beads

$ 10.00

A fantastic set of anal beads for lovers of backdoor pleasure, the glittery Extreme Pure Gold X-10 beads are a must have. Extremely user friendly and ideal for a wide range of experience, the tiny beginner bead allows for gentle, easy entry, while incrementally larger sizes and a dramatic taper before and after each stretches and stimulates the sphincter and anal canal. Made from a precise PVC material, the beads themselves are nice and firm while the extra smooth connector flexes for the most perfect positioning- the Beads are are easy to clean and completely free from phthalates. Use a great water or silicone based lube with the Pure Gold's to make your experience slick and nothing but pleasurable.


  • Length - 10 1/4
  • Girth - Graduates from 1" to 3"
  • Width - Graduates from .4" to .9"
  • Material - PVC
  • Special Features - Pliable jelly, large retrieval handle, graduated sizing, phthalate free
  • Color - Gold or Platinum


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