Fetish Fantasy Extreme Extreme Chastity Belt

$ 60.00

An excitingly tamper-proof male strap-on chastity device from the deviant design minds at Fetish Fantasy Extreme, the great looking, extra effective Extreme is excitingly functional and impressively user friendly when it comes to exerting total control over your cock of choice. Somewhat more challenging than some of the more beginner models, the exceptionally effective Extreme is a great choice for the more seasoned to this type of play. Set up is easy, thin, comfortable neoprene-backed leather straps fit over his hips, holding a large steel ring in place. The penis should be inserted through with the ring positioned at the base and the locking pin at the top side. The 4 inch long steel cage portion fits securely over the penis and locks into place with an included padlock and one of three included keys. Featuring a opening at the front for urine, along with wider-spaced bars, The Extreme is suited for long term wear, if desired, it's perfect for travel (though not necessarily airport friendly), whether you and your chaste man are adventuring together or he's going off alone. 

Made from extra hygienic, hypoallergenic steel and hardy leather, the materials making up this chastity device are hypoallergenic and completely body safe, not to mention extremely durable. One size fits most. Spot clean.

The Extreme cage is approximately 4 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide.

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