Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spreader Set

$ 80.00

An amazingly well-equipped bondage kit set to inspire some of the most thrilling submission situations imaginable, the Extreme Spreader Set from Fetish Fantasy is a bedroom (or dungeon) ready must-have, packed with four versatile pieces.
The classic 9 3/4 inch spreader bar adds another exciting level of restraint to soft neoprene ankle cuffs that clip easily to short chain connectors at the side. The cuffs can be removed entirely and used alone or in combination with other bondage pieces you may already own and love, but either way, the sturdy styling and hardy velcro fasteners ensure an escape-proof hold. A center chain attached to a small opening in the center of the bar gives way can be used with any number of collars and leashes, but, in the case of this set, clips at the bottom hem of a classic black Lycra hood. This soft bdsm staple features lots of potential for customization, with a snap-off eyepiece that can be left open to reveal the eyes, or closed to keep things very, very secretive. Likewise, the mouth opening is zippered for easy or no access to the lips beneath. The piece de resistance of the Spreader Set just may be the classic nipple clamps chained to the opposite end of the bar. Softly rubber tipped and fully adjustable with a twist of a screw, the clamps hold tight to provide unrelenting pressure and pinch, and since they're directly attached to bar, they'll acts as yet another restraint, as any movement will create tension along the chains. Cuffs and hood fit most.


  • 9 3/4 inch spreader bar with 3 chains
  • 2 x neoprene ankle or wrist cuffs
  • Lycra hood
  • 2 x alligator nipple clamps

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