Fetish Fantasy Extreme Interchangeable gag

$ 36.00

A must-have for bondage fans, the Interchangeable Gag from Fetish Fantasy's Extreme series offers up 3 different ways to keep your playmate quiet and compliant. A sturdy leather strap that fits securely behind the head is at the core of this great set, along with a unique collection of mouthpieces that snap on and off easily. There's a chain gag, which consists of thick metal links that stretch across the mouth, an open mouth muzzle that leaves the lips and mouth exposed, and finally, a non-phallic muzzle gag with a foam leather internal portion that sits in the mouth and covers the bottom part of the face when in place. Each piece is built to last, with leather and metal construction; as is the harness, which adjusts to fit most sizes. 

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