Fetish Fantasy Rope Cuff & Tether Set

$ 40.00

A gentle, less intimidating, but nevertheless effective means of keeping a submissive mate all bound up and ready to indulge in some seriously sexy fantasy fulfillment, the Rope Cuff & Tether Set from always-exciting Fetish Fantasy line is fantastically user friendly, suited perfectly to beginners and the more experienced bondage-player alike. A little quick research on Japanese rope bondage will reveal a long history of this ancient art, thought to intensify pleasure enormously through restraint- which can heighten and tune the other senses, making every touch, sound, taste and smell more intense. These soft, silky cuffs don't require any previous experience, they're incredibly simple to use and fully adjustable to fit almost everyone thanks to friction free plastic cinches that won't fray or damage the silky, strong polyester fabric. Whether you're in the mood to truss up your playmates wrists or ankles, there's a set to suit- 4 cuffs are included, along with 4 silky, extra strong tethers that can be looped, knotted and otherwise attached to any sturdy piece of furniture (think bedposts and door-frames). The cuffs can be used alone, as they buckle easily to another via sturdy plastic clips, and likewise attach to the tethers, they're completely adjustable and fit any size. Each tether is approximately 2.8' (.85m).



  • 2 Rope Wrist cuffs
  • 2 Rope Ankle Cuffs
  • 4 Rope Tethers

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