Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Luv Gloves

$ 80.00

A deliciously tingly, electro-enhanced pair of massage gloves from the uniquely stimulating line of Shock Therapy treats by Fetish Fantasy, the Love Gloves provide perfect control over both the amount of electricity flowing throughout, as well as the exact location on your lovers body (or your own). Woven from a soft, ultra conducive fabric that allows for the even flow of electrical impulse from the control unit, the Gloves work fantastically well for their intended massage purpose, but they'll also provide precision electro stimulation to any chosen area, be it on you or a playmate. Stemming from a unique handheld control pack the range of stimulation is impressive, you'll be able to vary the pulses from fast to slow, and also the intensity of the shocks from a gentle tingle to a sharp, throbbing tap. As a fantastic bonus, the control pack itself doubles as a handheld massager that can be used anywhere on the body, the oval centerpiece acts as a ground, so that any other part of the metal top that touches skin will transfer the shock. As with any electro toy, the Clamps should not be used by pregnant women, people with heart conditions and pacemakers, or anyone with health issues. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

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