Fetish Fantasy Spread Eagle Sling

$ 35.00

A must-have in any adventurous couple's playtime arsenal, the Spread-Eagle Sling offers a fresh take on some classic bondage scenarios, helping to stabilize favorite positions and providing the support and inspiration to create new ones. A super soft, velvety padded strap fits over the neck or hips, depending on how you're using it- the strap is, in turn, connected a soft pair of ankle cuffs. Once you're all strapped in, the tension can support various parts of the body during sex and foreplay, it can reduces leg fatigue, hold the hips in the doggie position or help you spread your knees wide, all while letting your partner control the speed and depth as he grips the straps to helps support your weight, just to give you a few ideas. The cuff connector straps are adjustable on each side, so you'll be able to customize the Sling to your sexual whims easily and quickly. Cuffs fit most.


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