HydroMax X20

$ 140.00

Product Description

A brand new addition to Bathmate's Hydromax line, the trimmed-down X20 offers just as much ultra-effective  suction force as X30 and X40 models in a more compact size. Like the supremely popular original, the X20 harnesses the natural suction potential of water in tub or shower to increase the strength, size and overall appearance of the penis.

Have a good look at the Hydromax before getting started, and read through the included user manual to get familiar with operation. The theory behind the innovative system is simple, once the penis has been inserted and is comfortably surrounded in warm water, you'll push down on the cylinder, activating the pump bellows to create a suction effect. The resulting pressure draws blood into the penis and surrounding tissue, creating a firm erection and the potential for permanent results. Extraordinarily simple and perfect for any level of enhancement experience, the X20's newly redesigned  Super Flow latch system was specifically created for simple, single-handed filling.

Once in the tub or shower, you'll flip the gray pip at the top to lock in water. fill the inner cylinder with water and insert the relaxed penis inside. There's a slanted side to the gaiter's soft sealing ring, this should be placed against the testicle area (making sure testicles are clear of suction!) to avoid unwanted pressure in that area. When the soft foam comfort ring is evenly placed around the base of the penis, unlock the valve and begin pumping. You may need to repeat this step a few times, optimal suction occurs when the bellows remains depressed, at which point maximum pressure has been reached. Then, lean back and relax, letting the suction do its work for a few minutes, best results seem to occur with this process repeated 2-3 times over 12-20 minutes. If at any point you experience discomfort or pain, you can immediately eliminate pressure by pushing the quick release valve at the top point of the pump. Full instructions and tips for best use included in a full color user booklet.

Your Hydromax X20 consists of an extra sturdy polycarbonate cylinder marked off into both metric and imperial increments, a pliable, skin safe synthetic rubber gaiter base with removable foam ring and a stainless steel spring release valve up top. The pump is approximately 26 cm (10.25 inches) in total and accommodates penis lengths between 9 and15 cm (3.5-6 inches).


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