Jimmyjane Form 2

$ 150.00

Hailing from a truly awe inspiring line of beautiful silicone stimulation objects created with incredibly clarity of vision and a simple focus on pure, unadulterated pleasure, the Form 2 by Jimmyjane presents its clitoris-loving, intensely manageable design plus four speed-customizable modes of pulsating, throbbing vibration to your indulgence. Gorgeously unique; certainly standing out from amidst the average collection, the Form 2 embodies a unifying desire of many, many woman, providing perfectly targeted, deliciously powerful stimulation to the be-all-end-all of female erogenous zones. Essentially borrowing the very best part of any great rabbit vibe, the Form 2 silkily surrounds the clitoris on both sides, reaching up to ensure full coverage of the entire clitoral area (a design feature many clitoral vibes lack). Two impeccably shaped silicone ears flex very subtly with pressure for immeasurably perfect placement, all while transmitting breathtaking, supremely quiet vibration throughout. Shaped thoughtfully to fit comfortably and securely in hand, the Form 2 boasts a smooth rounded base that can be cupped perfectly in the palm, allowing those blissful ear to protrude while maneuvering the lightweight, ergonomically conscious shape around and over desired body areas. Completely perfect for couples to share, this vibe is amazingly unobtrusive, fitting seamlessly into an array of positions and acts- of course, it's equally, and impressively well suited to solo play. Extraordinarily powerful vibration modes take inspiration from universally loved stimulation patterns, featuring constant, pulse, thrum and oscillating versions that, aside from allowing ecstatic customization with pleasure desires, also adjust to  suit intensity yearnings. Four possible speeds of each mode are exquisitely easy to adjust, as are the patterns themselves- an in-built interface at the curvy midpoint quickly cycle through the vibe patterns with a squiggle-symbol button, speed adjustment requires just a touch of the plus/minus panel. A wonderful choice for travel, the Form 2 features a lock mode, entered by simply holding the plus and squiggle button for a few seconds, repeat to unlock.




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