Jimmyjane Hello Touch

$ 70.00

Placing fantastically powerful, pinpoint precise stimulation transferred through delightfully supple, silky smooth silicone absolutely anywhere the fingers can reach, Jimmyjanes' blissfully purposeful Hello Touch is, in essence, a vibrator without the vibrator. Worn on the hand, Hello Touch affixes amazingly lightweight, completely unobtrusive little pads to the fingers via comfortable straps, literally turning chosen digits into completely maneuverable, wildly versatile individual vibes that add immeasurable freedom to massage, clitoral stimulation, g-spot seeking, nipple play, hand-jobs and much, much more. Since each petite, independently powered pod is barely larger than the fingertip underneath, hands can do what they will with immeasurably increased pleasure added in, simply place the pods where they'll do the most good. Some discreet, kink-free cord (just enough to reach, not nearly enough to tangle or get in the way) stretches to a removable power pack hidden at the core of a stretchy, super soft wrist strap. Controlling the steady ultra quiet, single speed vibration with more than three times the power of most fingertip vibes, simple on and off buttons are easily reached through the silky fabric.
Obviously, the massage potential is mind-bending, as are the possibilities for both solo and couple adventures, but adding even more versatility to either or all of the usage options, is Hello Touch's waterproof design. Each silicone pad, as well as the power dock (once cap is securely in place), can be enjoyed in shower, tub or spa.Matching the rest of its luxurious features, the body-contact points of the Touch are made of a decidedly safe, hypoallergenic and completely blissful-feeling silicone material. The touch of silicone against the skin is like nothing else, it's both plush and forgiving, with a definite firmness that's deliciously precise. Silicone is wonderfully receptive to temperature, so the finger pads will warm thrillingly to match body heat as you play- this feature can be manipulated further by soaking in warm or cool water prior to play. Always, always use a great quality water-based lubricant with this Jimmyjane piece, avoid silicone based formulas, and contact with other silicone toys and products. Fully waterproof. Requires 2 AAAA batteries, which are included, along with full user guide and a soft travel pouch.


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