Leather and Lace Luxury Kit*

$ 35.00

An absolutely gorgeous collection of deliciously light and decadently luxurious beginner bondage staples from Sportsheets, the Leather & Lace kit combines three must-have playtime accessories in black satin, lace and aromatic suede. A soft set of cuffs starts things off, these extra gentle lace trimmed faux fur numbers gently yet securely encircle the wrists, closing with silky satin ties that can be knotted together, threaded through bedposts, or otherwise tied however you and your object's desire see fit. Equally soft and perfectly shaped to the face, a satin blindfold sensually creates an atmosphere of anticipation while heightening the remaining senses. Securing around the back of the head with a stretchy, string elastic, it's sure to stay in place as the fantasy progresses. Finally, a genuine suede whip with tons of supple tails waits to be taken in hand, this petite flogger can be used as a thrilling tickler or a tool that delivers more stinging slaps, depending on your sexual scenario of choice. Spot clean.

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