Liberator Flip Ramp

$ 170.00

Liberate yourself and your lover from neck cramps, sore knees and overall uncomfortable (but pleasurable nonetheless) positions with the Flip Ramp, a great position aid and piece of innovative sex furniture. Offering lots of versatile options for enjoyable use, the Ramp starts off as a sturdy cube, or 'boom-box', perfect for supporting the upper body during doggy style and other from behind positions, not to mention the oral possibilities. When folded out, you'll have yourself a long, plush ramp with a curvy rise that supports the entire body of either you or your object of desire during your most carnal of moments. You can use the raised portion to elevate the legs, hips or head and shoulders for a number of potential positions that you'll be able to enjoy in fully supported comfort. The soft faux velvet fabric feels great against the skin; underneath this thick, sensual cover is a moisture proof liner that protects the sturdy foam core. Both layers zip off in a flash for easy (machine washable) cleaning. Dimensions are: Cube: 19 x 19 inches, 15 inches high, Ramp: 37 x 19 inches and 12 inches high.


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