Liberator Jaz

$ 55.00

There's a musical little saying that crops up a lot in the world of sex that goes something like 'it's not the instrument, but how you play it that counts', and the Jaz by Liberator takes this to heart. Jaz is a great sex aid in the form of a sturdy bolster pillow that helps you get into and maintain some of the positions that feel the best for both you and your lover (or just you). It supports the hips, arms, knees, head, lower back and more with a tailored slant for a natural feel in some of the more adventurous shapes you might get into during playtime. The furniture grade foam core is covered by a moisture proof interior liner, and over top of that, a deliciously soft microsuede cover in bright blue. This particular sex shape from Liberator is on the smaller side, so it's a great choice for travel and small spaces, with dimensions of 18 inches long, 14 1/2 inches wide, and 6 inches at the highest. Both fabric layers are fully machine washable.


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