Love Balls Steel

$ 40.00

A uniquely weighty, gorgeously slick, delightfully advanced set of high end steel Love Balls, this wonderfully manageable Rocks-Off Pleasure In Motion offering provides an ultra pleasurable way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, prime for sex, and stimulate from the inside out. On the off chance that you're unfamiliar with this type of Fifty Shades popularized toy, Love Balls follow the form of the ancient ben-wa ball, used for centuries to provide pleasure while toning the pelvic floor muscles responsible for more control, enhanced sensation and extra snug closeness during sex. Additionally, many women simply adore the feeling of the Balls inside them, they shift with movement, massaging sensitive inner areas effortlessly, and extremely discreetly- worn completely internally, no one will be the wiser. This set, as mentioned, is a bit weightier than the average, so it's a great choice for women already on their way to strong pelvic floor muscles. Two identically sized steel balls weigh in at about 4.4 oz (124.7g), combined, the weight is slightly enhanced by a stretchy silicone cord that gently tugs the balls downward while inserted. A big finger ring makes removal easy and worry free, it's nice and flat despite the larger size, sitting comfortably against the body if wearing inside clothing. Made from two wonderfully high end materials with incomparably hygienic properties, both the steel and silicone making up the balls and string, respectively, are safe for even very sensitive skin, being nonporous and extremely hygienic. Both are also blissfully temperature sensitive, warming quickly to match body temperature. The Love Balls are compatible with any good water based lubricant, silicone formulas should be avoided due to the silicone cord. Storage bag included.


  • Length - 10" total
  • Insertable Length - 4"
  • Girth - 3.1" around at largest
  • Width - .9" at widest
  • Material - Steel, silicone
  • Special Features - Hypoallergenic, temperature sensitive, storage bag included
  • Color - Silver, black

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