Penetration Station

$ 100.00

The Penetration Station will revolutionize your bedroom play. It will allow you to penetrate deeper in positions you never thought possible. The easy setup and discreet under the mattress storage allows you to hop on for the ride of your life whenever the mood strikes. All sorts of sexily compromising positions are closer than ever with the fantastic Penetration Station set from Sportsheets. Ultra user friendly and nice and sturdy for all levels of play, this bed bondage system sets up in mere seconds whenever you and your playmate feel that yearn. Inside, you'll find a long strap that slips under the mattress to hold four 7 foots Leverage Straps- these in turn connect to 4 hardy, soft neoprene grips for hands, arms and legs. Simply slip the straps under the mattress so the leverage straps and grips are free to be grabbed, and that's that. You can place them any way you like, top to bottom, side or side or combinations of the two, allowing for tons of positioning and versatility. Set-up diagram and instructions included.

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