Pleasure Principle*

$ 120.00

Tantric Binding Love™… Enhance sexual energy with this seductive collection of fetish wear adorned with satin ribbons and lace. Intimate spreader with wrist and ankle cuffs with a firm yet flexible support bridge. Comfortable, adjustable Velcro® cuffs accented with satin bow. Kit also includes universal cuffs, tantric sex position book, masssage oils with pheromones and a 10 function chakra massager.

  • Tantric Binding Love™ Universal Cuffs 
  • Tantric Binding Love™ Intimate Spreader with Wrist & Ankle Cuffs 
  • Tantric Sex Positions Book™
  • Tantric Enriched Massage Oil with Pheromones™ 
  • Tantric 10-Function Chakra™ Massager - 

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